Chapter 20

3 PM, D-11

The recruits were very interested in living here because of so many things to do. It seemed more like a big fun ceremony than a “dethrone the bomber club.” Everyone who wanted to join entered.

Most were families with their kids, so some rooms had all kids, and some with all adults. The kids could visit their parents from time to time.

The close minority were business-people and politic-lovers that hated Pallet with a passion.

Wesley announced that there would be a meeting inside the HQ room, where they would combine their tables later to create a group discussion.

Most of the kids went to the lounge. Only one was interested on putting his thoughts to a thirty-minute meeting.

Eighteen people were at the meeting, not counting Wesley, Lily, Tyler, and Paige.

The agenda was written below:

  1. Get into a four-group split.
  2. Topics: 1. Science Expansion 2. Planning Action 3. Schedules 4. Wages, Bills, Salaries, and Other
  3. Get together and discuss topics
  4. Give Salary
  5. Dismissal to eat / other

Science was with Wesley, as they talked about on how to expand their science to match Pallet’s.

Action planning was with Lily, as her group talked about what they would need to do when they were sent to action out of the HQ.

Scheduling was with Paige, and her group went to see what a schedule would fit with the adults, with free time, and work.

Tyler worked with his group to see salaries, and all offered for the first year $129/month, close to $1400/year. It was good for living in the house, and they agreed to only pay a fourth of the bills altogether, which reduced the salary to $100/month for each person. Even the kids would get money, but would take away the extra $29 that would be used on bills.

The first meeting went very well, better than they thought. Plus, Tyler was rich, Paige also earned a lot of money, Lily was an artist everyone knew now, and Wesley was famous, and was planning to be a writer. THis was a good start to the rebellion of the American Worker’s party, or as they called it, the Azi’s.

Chapter 20

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