Chapter 21

7 AM, D-12


The alarm clock of the adults ran off. It was time to work on solving the problems that were needed to make the security stronger for the next week or two.

Tyler and Wesley were on the security job on checking the codes, making a long password, and so on.

They typed up a twenty-character password that was hard to crack. Here was the code:


Every adult knew the password, and they hung it up on their car. The security was safe, and they also required an ID card, a secondary ID card, then the logo of their club, which only 20 people had access to. There were different possibilities for other passwords typed in.

If you typed:


You would be able to enter the parking lot and go to the work station. The parking lot was upstairs.

12 PM, D-12

Lunch time! Everyone stormed the tables and once all of them were taken, they went upstairs to their living quarters.

Tyler, Wesley, Lily, and Paige went to grab their food and get to their first-floor rooms. It was a regular house that had one floor. Tyler slept in one room, Lily and Wesley slept in the living room, and Paige slept in Tyler’s room. After all, it was a one-room one-bathroom house that expanded to a 55-room 55-bathroom house.

As the security got very secure, they changed the topic to an action plan, where six cars were sent, most of them the businessmen and the politic-lovers, where they were sent to Washington, DC to have a conversation with the president to see how things were going. It was going to take them a while before they came back anyway.

The other subject was a scientific research. They came up with a new defensive metal that can retrieve a small nuclear bomb and do no damage and and will collect air to throw it right back, and can hold up their explosions as well. Their science was planning to grow by developing a new metal that can block any explosion, from a small grenade to a huge nuke.

It looked impressive, as the regime began to grow from just a build and a hire.

7 PM, D-12

Everyone was at their free times and Wesley, Paige, and Tyler were working out.

“Don’t you find it weird that Pallet hasn’t made a single move yet? Why do you think he’s stalling?” Wesley asked.

“Maybe he’s just preparing the next step,” Paige replied.

“Yeah, we can call it that for now. Let’s go to the soccer field.” Tyler replied.

Wesley liked to play soccer and Tyler played pro. Paige played basketball pro, but she was still pretty good in the athletic category.

Paige kicked the ball towards the left of the goal, then power-kicks it to the top corner. Tyler was stunned at how the shot was so fast. She was a natural!

Then, Wesley picked up the ball, walked a few steps away from the ball, and went towards the ball, curling the ball from right to the bottom left corner of the net.

“Wow! We should go here more often.”

Chapter 21

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