Chapter 22

10 AM, D-14

“This is a huge success for our first few days, and we are planning for more future upgrades to secure our area. We plan to make more living quarters and jobs for specific topics soon, and that’s what we’re talking about today,” Wesley announced.

The next meeting had begun and the agenda was written up on the board.

  1. Group discussion about jobs and who gets what
  2. Regular-Hour Jobs
  3. School?
  4. Closing

“So, we’re planning to make five branches of working in our HQ. We’re making science, construction, defense, e-defense, and money management,” Lily said.

“Who’s getting what jobs?” a nosy member asked.

“We’ll send you a letter in your living quarters, but you will complete a survey to see what jobs you want, and we’ll try our best to fit you in your job that you want, but we have certain requirements for how many people in what job,” Tyler replied. “But, don’t worry. If more people come to work, we can rearrange you to the job you like, and we also have a survey for regular-hour jobs, if you don’t want to live here.”

Ten people said tat they wanted regular hour jobs, which helped get more space in the living quarters.

“Also, for the kids, we’re planning on building a school, a basic one for teaching for about four to five hours,” Paige explained.

“I hope that we have an enjoyable day. Now, you’re dismissed to lunch. Have a great one!” Wesley replied happily.

Everyone stormed out to grab their lunch, and they arrived a bit late that the kids had taken all of the seats.

“Man! We need to build more tables,” a person scowled.

“How about you suggest it to the construction department?” his friend asked him.

Everyone was in shape, morale was high, and they were excited for their enjoyable jobs. It was a fine age.

8 PM, D-14

“Okay, so we’ve got the first mission for the construction on the way. We’ve got to make more living quarters. It’s not that hard of a job. We’ll give you the blueprints and the materials,” Tyler announced.

The construction crew got their first job, as they would need more for the HQ. There would be bases soon enough, but first priority was the living quarters.

“Wesley will help you build it, as he is open at the time you will build it. You will surely complete it within three days,” Tyler said.

“Wesley?” called out Lily.

“I’m right here. What do you need?” replied Wesley.

“We need you to work with the construction crew to build the living quarters. Is that okay with you?” Tyler asked.

“Sure thing!” Wesley exclaimed.

“Science and E-defense are working together on this project.” Paige told them.

“I’ll do that recording.” Lily replied.

As the video camera counted down, she got ready to speak.

“E-Defense and Science, we need you to find a way to make the gates more secure, so we’re planning a face scanner. E-Defense works on the coding, and Science works on the, well, the science. I will help you on that. The deadline is the week after the next. I’ll see you after lunch.”

“Now, we need to send them the email in the morning,” Lily told Tyler.

“Put that on the bulletin board for tomorrow.”

9 AM, D-15

As everyone woke up, checked their e-mails, and got to work, and Wesley and Lily going to their according workplaces, there were more jobs to do.

Tyler needed to take all his cash money to a safe bank, for security so the money does not get stolen. That would be the last thing everyone needed when the funding of the research runs out. He went to his bank, collected his money, and sent it to another bank. Paige did the same, sending her money to Tyler’s account.

The money management needed to build a monthly report on the funds, as the construction of safer security and more living quarters were starting and the end of the month coming soon.

“We’ve got something going right now. Why isn’t anything happening to the US right now? I thought by now they’d attack,” Tyler wondered.

“Hey, Tyler, here’s a good find. Look!” Paige replied.

“What is this?…” Tyler looked.

It said that a hurricane and an Ebola virus hit the Western US.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking, aren’t you?” Tyler smiled.

“Yep!” Paige smiled back.




Chapter 22

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