Chapter 23

12 PM, D-15

“We’re going to build an airplane. We’ll need it for a sneak attack on the secret base of the Azi’s,” Tyler said to Wesley and Lily in their corresponding locations.

“How do you know where their secret base is?” Wesley asked.

“Ebola and a hurricane! Look on the news,” Tyler replied.

“Yeah, I did. Are you saying the base is in the West Coast?” Lily asked.

“That’s it. We’re searching in the West Coast, so we’re building an airplane to fly on,” Paige replied.

“But we have construction work, Tyler! They need to finish!” Wesley exclaimed.

“We’ll wait out. Plus, we’ll spend time planning,” Paige replied.

6 AM, D-20

The living quarters were finally done, and Tyler and Paige’s preparations were complete and ready for the build.

Tyler and Paige asked some of the construction crew to help them build the “heli-plane,” as Paige called it.

“So we are planning to search for the secret base of Pallet and his goons with a plane and a helicopter in one. The thing we need to build the exterior is a bulletproof metal. That’s all we need. Complete it as fast as you can with quality and good features, then show us when you’re done. Paige will help you as well, so don’t worry,” Tyler announced. “You may start building after lunch or now. Your choice. II’ll be leaving now to check on other things. So, you may start.”

All the workers rushed to the building site and started to use the bulletproof metal to build the helicopter part, with the controls and the propeller on the top.

“Okay, now we need to assemble the electrical and motor parts as well, so we need to buy a basic copter,” Paige said. “I’ll be off to get one now.”

9 AM, D-20

“How are the e-defense preparations going, Lily?” Tyler asked.

“It’s been hard for the science. They can’t make the computer recognize between a face and a picture. They have made progress, though, and they’re dong fine,” Lily replied. “We plan to finish the project in three more days.”

“That’s a good sign,” Tyler responded. “I’m going to go up to the ceiling to see how things are doing.”

“Gotcha there!” Lily winked.

Tyler went upstairs and saw that Paige was carrying a helicopter.

“What are you doing? I thought we were going to make a heli-plane, not this.” Tyler angrily said.

“Well, we were going to use this for our outline, then tinker it to fit our needs.” Paige replied calmly.

Tyler’s anger faded. He replied, “I think I’ll help right now.”

1 PM, D-20

In California, Unknown Coordinates

For the last few days, George had felt this feeling with Trevor. He was the boss, he never did anything, just letting his workers do it for him.

He had seen what his friends had done to him. They went their separate ways without telling him what they were doing. They misunderstood him.

He then met Paige, whom he fell in love with, until the moment he went evil. He built the nuke, which then Paige fell out of the air house with his only parachute in despair and fear, and soon, an hour later, Trevor appeared. This was ten days before the storm even happened.

His thoughts had blundered throughout after the storms and tsunamis. After the presidency rejection, he felt he was put in too much pressure. After he was forced to bomb an apartment building and the Washington Monument, he felt angry at his boss for making him take the blame of all this nonsense. After the huge bombing of DC, he was wondering, “Should I really do this, or should I support the other side?”

He stood up and ran towards the exit door.

He knew if he could stop doing this, if he could avoid another holocaust, if he could avoid the world destroyed, he would go anywhere, as long as it wasn’t the base.



Chapter 23

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