Shattered: Prologue

3 AM, D-31

Tampa Bay, Florida

The boy looked out the sky. He saw the amazing stars and the constellations. He could see them all.

He had amazing vision, and was a reason why this village hadn’t disappeared from the map. Thousands of people a day came to his house with a sight test. They left, stunned and dazed.

Then he saw it: the bomb. He ran out his house and quickly told his neighborhood that a bomb was coming in 3 hours, and it would destroy the village. It wasn’t a nuke, but he knew that it would be a big problem if he got hit.

His father and mother went into the car with the boy.

“We got to go west!” the boy screamed.

The boy was sobbing, as he saw Death, and Death came closer as time ticked.

The countdown was now 1 hour.

“We escaped!” the boy yelled with relief, as the sobs became tears of joy.

Once the bomb detonated, as the boy saw, he knew he was safe.

However, on the other side of the planet, Trevor was very angry that his plan failed yet again.

Shattered: Prologue

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