Chapter 1

8 AM, D-31

Pittsburgh, PA

“Well, I’d like to know the survivor with the keen eyesight. He would be a very important value to our team.”

Wesley was staring at the TV and looking at the what the bomb had done to their home state village near Tampa Bay.

“I like his instinct. However, he is a child. I don’t think he will take the job so easily.”

Lily was watching with Wesley. He saw the boy and was glad she wasn’t there.

Both of them and Wesley’s friend Tyler were just basic people that wanted to get away from the pathway of the storm. However, once they met Paige, that all, changed. They were hunted by George, their friend but now the enemy, and Trevor, the boss of George. They quickly made a base as they started to settle and gather more people on their side. However, time will tell before they had more research from the enemy. Tyler and Paige were on the espionage.

12 PM, D-31

San Diego, CA

“What do you think you’re doing, Mr. George?”

“Why, I’m just running away from you. I don’t know what you want from me, but you can regain your own power and your own anger,” George replied, staring him down.

“Wow, what a sight, I knew I would love to hire you, but don’t betray me now!” Trevor said with a small maniacal tone.

On that moment, Tyler and Paige landed on the top of the designated building, where they would take a break.

As they went down to the first floor and out, they saw the commotion and immediately recognized the first person in it. It was George.

“Shhh! Look! Quietly walk towards them so we can hear them!” Tyler whispered to Paige.

“I can escape from what I’ve done. What do you think I’ve felt? You can’t read emotions. You can’t read me!” George yelled.

Trevor then pointed a gun at George’s heart.

“If you don’t join me,” said Trevor, “I will shoot. How does that sound? I’ll count to three! One… Two… Thr-”

Tyler stole the gun from Trevor’s hand, unloaded the bullets, and threw the bullets away.

“Now, what were you two talking here?” Tyler asked with the “gotcha there” look on his face.


“You let your guard down, Trevor. You let everything slip. You are done for now.” Paige said with the killer instinct.

The police cars were coming in. However, somehow, Trevor disappeared.

“I’m sorry. The person we were trying to capture escaped so quick.”


Chapter 1

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