Chapter 2

1 PM, D-31

In a Wendy’s

“Thanks for saving my life.”

“No prob. But something was up. We heard half of your convrsation, but we don’t get what it means. What’s up, old friend?” Tyler asked.

“It was nothing. Just him arguing about me resigning.” George lied.

“Okay,” Paige replied, knowing that he was lying. “So, you want to find Trevor now?”

“No thanks. I’ll find him myself.”

2 PM, D-31

Base HQ, PA

Wesley was startled when he heard that George had argued with his boss because he “resigned.” He asked if George was going to double-cross Trevor, but no. He was on the neutral now.


Lily arrived in the sound of the alarm.

“What-something’s been hacked?” Lily screamed.

“Let me see…” Wesley muttered as he clicked every key as he tried to find the location of where the hack was from.

“WHAT?! From… Russia?!” Lily hollered.

The surprise of the year-the hack had been from the Russians.

Chapter 2

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