Chapter 3

1 AM, M-2, D-1

Moscow, Russia

George had finally made it to the actual base after sneaking out and going on an airplane. He had five grenades in his pocket and decided that he would throw it once he got in.


He had thrown a grenade at the entrance and ran towards the next entrance.


Throwing the second one, he expected a boom when he arrived at the third entrance.


Both grenades exploded, as he threw the third grenade and raced towards the second entrance.

He ran inside the base and threw a bomb at the stairs and the elevator.


The third grenade had exploded. He chased towards the third entrance and threw the final bomb inside an office room with a secret elevator in there.


He ran towards the wooden wall and set it on fire with his lighter.

“Ah, gotta get out of here,” he mumbled.

He sprinted out the door and as he leaped out towards the outside world-


The last one was the biggest one, and could set a huge fire. He sprinted out of the area, as he left with the object he wanted to make the gift for his allies.

It was a teleportation device Trevor had used to escape them back there yesterday.



Chapter 3

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