Chapter 6

8 PM, M-2, D-10

Cardiff, Wales

George received an email from one of his former coworkers a day ago and had no idea what he had told him to research on, but since it was from one of his favorite ones, he decided to respond by asking him to come join him in the research. He went to Wales for this reason: to find information on Trevor’s family.

He waited at the airport for his coworker to come. After a few minutes of waiting, he saw him. It was Leonard Smith.

“Hey, you’re here!” George greeted him.

“Well, I just got out of the immigration station, and just sent a resignation email to Trevor after that e-mail,” Leonard replied.

“Okay, then let’s get to our hotel for the night,” declared George.

10 PM, M-2, D-10

Oxford, England

“Well, we are both wide awake at this time.”

“Yes, we are. So, let’s research,” Leonard said.

George researched on Trevor’s family, and Leonard researched more on Trevor in general.

When it was midnight, they decided to see what they got.

“So, Trevor has a father, two sons, and a daughter. His father works in the U. S, and his sons and daughters are working in Switzerland,” George announced. “This information was from 2015, so, pretty reliable.”

“Trevor is actually not the boss of our old company. He is the MANAGER, not the boss.” Leonard replied. “He was born in 1950 and is going for the secretary-manager position in the U. N.”


7 AM, M-2, D-11

Base HQ, Pennsylvania

“What? Are you saying that.. the copter-plane is heading towards a nuclear bomb?!” Paige screamed at the walkie-talkie.

“Yes, we’re on the track to hit a nuclear bomb, and our place we were supposed to land has a nuclear bomb, which was part of the base. We are going to land near Moscow and walk a few K’s and storm the base,” Tyler responded.

“OK. Anyways, I’m going to get breakfast,” said Paige, relieved.

“OK! Have a good morning! It’s the evening here.”

Moscow, Russia

When Tyler, Lily, and Wesley arrived, they went to a restaurant to eat something before storming the company.

They discussed their plan while eating, and they formulated an efficient plan.

“The front entrance is a secret basement room in an old storage room near the city. To get to the area we want to be in so we can stop the nuke, we need to start by taking a right,” Lily said. “Afterward, take the elevator up three floors and you will arrive at the office rooms. You need to get to the room number 418, but room 418 is not on the map…”

“So, we just find it, get to the control room, and target itself. The bomb isn’t huge. It can only explode up to 500 meters away, and, luckily for us, we just have to take the elevator and once we reach the helicopter, it should explode, as long as we do it correctly,” replied Tyler. “I also got 3 ID tags for all of us. Ready to get in?”

“Ready!” The two exclaimed.

Chapter 6


TO: The Squad

FROM: Leonard Smith

SUBJECT: Our Conflict

It has been a hard time for us all, as the enemy keeps scoring wins on us, but we are not to lose hope. There is still a chance for us to win the conflict. In fact, I have the plan, but that is in a later discussion.

Leonard stops typing for a while. He starts to walk to the vending machine to get a snack. He arrives back at is office, then he continues to type.

Trevor is starting to get more maniacal as time wears on. Someday, I believe he may get too out of hand, and we may have to fight the disease of the enemy alone. In fact, I have told some of the squad already, “It is finished.”

Leonard thought back on the truthful, tragic, yet realistic moment. Why did he want to go against his own boss’ ideas? He decided not to think about it as he continued to type.

I really think that there is a bigger force behind Trevor that he is hiding, and the enemy might know this. I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, we should try to contact George to see if he knows anything about my topic. But for now, just stall.

Leonard is urging his body to click the mouse, but his body refuses. He takes a breath, yells out, “Go!” and then clicks the mouse. He has sent the e-mail. He sprints out the door in fear, as he is trying to avoid being captured, or worse, killed.


Chapter 5

10 AM, M-2, D-3

“Hey, look. Our computers are back to normal,” said Paige.

“Okay, then, let’s see how the construction and science have been doing on copying the teleporter,” Lily replied.

A ding went off of Wesley’s phone.

“Let me read this… Okay, so they are done with two of the three. They are editing the programming a bit and they are calling the e-defense system for passwords for each.”

“That’s good. I heard that the actual base of Trevor is at Russia somewhere. Any one want to go with me?” asked Tyler.

“I will,” they all replied.

“Actually, I’ll stay. I’ll have the next project waiting as well. Got it?” Paige replied.

“Got it.”

“Okay, now quick!” Tyler demanded.

2 PM, M-2, D-3

Oh, what a glory. It was such a phenomenon to see such a building go down! Trevor had left a decoy teleporter there, and it only worked within a mile.

However, his assistant had now left him, and, wait, here was an email, from George? He had confirmed that he would be resigning. That traitor, he thought.

He opened the email’s file, then the internet exploded.

It exploded.

3 PM, M-2, D-4

From his point of view, he just looked at everything that had happened. All the computers had been infected by the bug-filled resignation paper. The worker for Trevor had been working hard, then his files had all been deleted, and it was now back to square one.

“It is finished,” he said.

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

7 AM, M-2, D-2

“Hey, look. It’s an item,” Tyler said with a surprising look.

The group had just received an item from George, their now neutral ally, as they announced at the last meeting.

“What is this? Let’s read the letter…” Lily replied.

Take this. I have stolen it from the enemy HQ, and I have checked it millions of times that it wasn’t a trap. This will be your advancement of technology. I have instructions below on how to make this phenomenal device.



“Oh! It’s a teleportation device that Trevor used to escape us!” Paige exclaimed.

“Okay, I’ll test this out. I’ll check by teleporting to the lounge. Just type the coordinates…” Wesley drifted off. “Got it, got it!”


Wesley disappeared.

“Where did he go?” Tyler said, questioning his instincts.

A muffled voice came: “I’m right here!”

“I think that’s Wesley.” Lily sighed.

Wesley swiftly opened the door, panting, sweating.

“It… works… perfectly,” Wesley panted.

“Okay, so let’s ask the construction and the science crew to work on copying this prototype ten more times,” Paige announced.

8 PM, M-2, D-2

St. Petersburg, Russia

George sat down in the cafe. He was chilling and ready to return to the USA tomorrow. He had heard that the computer system at the HQ in PA was shut down by a virus. Wait, a virus, they said?

He immediately got his laptop out.

George opened the program file, and plugged a USB drive in. He opened a programming app.

He clicked away, as he started creating a virus.

5 AM, M-2, D-3

New York, New York


George had just finished the virus and was ready to send it to the real HQ of Trevor’s. The Moscow HQ was a miniature one, and Trevor had just visited, so he got his precious goods.

He started typing an e-mail:

Here’s the paperwork for quitting. I don’t want to work with you and you mouth any more.


He sent the message to his e-mail. He was ready to go head to head with his former boss.

He went to the gym.


Chapter 4