Chapter 4

7 AM, M-2, D-2

“Hey, look. It’s an item,” Tyler said with a surprising look.

The group had just received an item from George, their now neutral ally, as they announced at the last meeting.

“What is this? Let’s read the letter…” Lily replied.

Take this. I have stolen it from the enemy HQ, and I have checked it millions of times that it wasn’t a trap. This will be your advancement of technology. I have instructions below on how to make this phenomenal device.



“Oh! It’s a teleportation device that Trevor used to escape us!” Paige exclaimed.

“Okay, I’ll test this out. I’ll check by teleporting to the lounge. Just type the coordinates…” Wesley drifted off. “Got it, got it!”


Wesley disappeared.

“Where did he go?” Tyler said, questioning his instincts.

A muffled voice came: “I’m right here!”

“I think that’s Wesley.” Lily sighed.

Wesley swiftly opened the door, panting, sweating.

“It… works… perfectly,” Wesley panted.

“Okay, so let’s ask the construction and the science crew to work on copying this prototype ten more times,” Paige announced.

8 PM, M-2, D-2

St. Petersburg, Russia

George sat down in the cafe. He was chilling and ready to return to the USA tomorrow. He had heard that the computer system at the HQ in PA was shut down by a virus. Wait, a virus, they said?

He immediately got his laptop out.

George opened the program file, and plugged a USB drive in. He opened a programming app.

He clicked away, as he started creating a virus.

5 AM, M-2, D-3

New York, New York


George had just finished the virus and was ready to send it to the real HQ of Trevor’s. The Moscow HQ was a miniature one, and Trevor had just visited, so he got his precious goods.

He started typing an e-mail:

Here’s the paperwork for quitting. I don’t want to work with you and you mouth any more.


He sent the message to his e-mail. He was ready to go head to head with his former boss.

He went to the gym.


Chapter 4

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