Chapter 5

10 AM, M-2, D-3

“Hey, look. Our computers are back to normal,” said Paige.

“Okay, then, let’s see how the construction and science have been doing on copying the teleporter,” Lily replied.

A ding went off of Wesley’s phone.

“Let me read this… Okay, so they are done with two of the three. They are editing the programming a bit and they are calling the e-defense system for passwords for each.”

“That’s good. I heard that the actual base of Trevor is at Russia somewhere. Any one want to go with me?” asked Tyler.

“I will,” they all replied.

“Actually, I’ll stay. I’ll have the next project waiting as well. Got it?” Paige replied.

“Got it.”

“Okay, now quick!” Tyler demanded.

2 PM, M-2, D-3

Oh, what a glory. It was such a phenomenon to see such a building go down! Trevor had left a decoy teleporter there, and it only worked within a mile.

However, his assistant had now left him, and, wait, here was an email, from George? He had confirmed that he would be resigning. That traitor, he thought.

He opened the email’s file, then the internet exploded.

It exploded.

3 PM, M-2, D-4

From his point of view, he just looked at everything that had happened. All the computers had been infected by the bug-filled resignation paper. The worker for Trevor had been working hard, then his files had all been deleted, and it was now back to square one.

“It is finished,” he said.

Chapter 5

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