TO: The Squad

FROM: Leonard Smith

SUBJECT: Our Conflict

It has been a hard time for us all, as the enemy keeps scoring wins on us, but we are not to lose hope. There is still a chance for us to win the conflict. In fact, I have the plan, but that is in a later discussion.

Leonard stops typing for a while. He starts to walk to the vending machine to get a snack. He arrives back at is office, then he continues to type.

Trevor is starting to get more maniacal as time wears on. Someday, I believe he may get too out of hand, and we may have to fight the disease of the enemy alone. In fact, I have told some of the squad already, “It is finished.”

Leonard thought back on the truthful, tragic, yet realistic moment. Why did he want to go against his own boss’ ideas? He decided not to think about it as he continued to type.

I really think that there is a bigger force behind Trevor that he is hiding, and the enemy might know this. I don’t know, but maybe, just maybe, we should try to contact George to see if he knows anything about my topic. But for now, just stall.

Leonard is urging his body to click the mouse, but his body refuses. He takes a breath, yells out, “Go!” and then clicks the mouse. He has sent the e-mail. He sprints out the door in fear, as he is trying to avoid being captured, or worse, killed.


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