Chapter 6

8 PM, M-2, D-10

Cardiff, Wales

George received an email from one of his former coworkers a day ago and had no idea what he had told him to research on, but since it was from one of his favorite ones, he decided to respond by asking him to come join him in the research. He went to Wales for this reason: to find information on Trevor’s family.

He waited at the airport for his coworker to come. After a few minutes of waiting, he saw him. It was Leonard Smith.

“Hey, you’re here!” George greeted him.

“Well, I just got out of the immigration station, and just sent a resignation email to Trevor after that e-mail,” Leonard replied.

“Okay, then let’s get to our hotel for the night,” declared George.

10 PM, M-2, D-10

Oxford, England

“Well, we are both wide awake at this time.”

“Yes, we are. So, let’s research,” Leonard said.

George researched on Trevor’s family, and Leonard researched more on Trevor in general.

When it was midnight, they decided to see what they got.

“So, Trevor has a father, two sons, and a daughter. His father works in the U. S, and his sons and daughters are working in Switzerland,” George announced. “This information was from 2015, so, pretty reliable.”

“Trevor is actually not the boss of our old company. He is the MANAGER, not the boss.” Leonard replied. “He was born in 1950 and is going for the secretary-manager position in the U. N.”


7 AM, M-2, D-11

Base HQ, Pennsylvania

“What? Are you saying that.. the copter-plane is heading towards a nuclear bomb?!” Paige screamed at the walkie-talkie.

“Yes, we’re on the track to hit a nuclear bomb, and our place we were supposed to land has a nuclear bomb, which was part of the base. We are going to land near Moscow and walk a few K’s and storm the base,” Tyler responded.

“OK. Anyways, I’m going to get breakfast,” said Paige, relieved.

“OK! Have a good morning! It’s the evening here.”

Moscow, Russia

When Tyler, Lily, and Wesley arrived, they went to a restaurant to eat something before storming the company.

They discussed their plan while eating, and they formulated an efficient plan.

“The front entrance is a secret basement room in an old storage room near the city. To get to the area we want to be in so we can stop the nuke, we need to start by taking a right,” Lily said. “Afterward, take the elevator up three floors and you will arrive at the office rooms. You need to get to the room number 418, but room 418 is not on the map…”

“So, we just find it, get to the control room, and target itself. The bomb isn’t huge. It can only explode up to 500 meters away, and, luckily for us, we just have to take the elevator and once we reach the helicopter, it should explode, as long as we do it correctly,” replied Tyler. “I also got 3 ID tags for all of us. Ready to get in?”

“Ready!” The two exclaimed.

Chapter 6

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