Chapter 7

After running to the entrance, eagerly ready to start rushing in, they were met by a stranger at the door.

“This house is abandoned. You should stay away from it.”

“We got these, though,” replied Tyler, as the three pulled their ID’s from their pockets.

“Oh. Then, just go in. Welcome back!”

“Step one, accomplished,” Lily muttered to herself.

The three walked towards their office rooms. The rooms had privacy, as the three rooms were from George’s friend, Leonard Smith, who had just left the company. They got themselves with clothes that disguised them and headed out towards the elevator.

However, just a few minutes later they were met by guards who were suspicious.

“Take your clothes off. Yes, we can see through them. Come on! Take them-”

Wesley tackled the guard and slapped the guard, making him fall unconscious. Lily, in the background, punched the other guard, stunning him for a few seconds, which gave them enough time to retreat.

However, a lot more guards were waiting.

“I’ll take care of this. Now, you two, run!” Tyler screamed.

Wesley and Lily dashed off towards the elevator, and they made it there. But after trying to go up to the fourth floor, they could only get up to the second floor. Guess they had to stick with their backup plan.

“Innng!” Tyler grunted for a second.

Tyler had defeated the first two guards on the left without a scratch, but the next two in line teamed up, giving Tyler a few bruises, but the last two were giving him a hard time.

Tyler lifted his knee, landing into the guard’s stomach. After the guard flew towards the ground, he rested his foot on the guard.

“Don’t you dare!” The other guard demanded as he sprinted towards his partner.

But it was too late. The guard fell unconscious before his partner could save him.

Afterwards, Tyler faced him. After taking seconds of silence, the guard punched him in the hip, and Tyler fell to the ground. He stood up, and he punched the guard right back in the face, giving him a bloody nose. The guard tried to headbutt him right in the head, but Tyler dodged and threw him towards the wall, where he fell unconscious.

Tyler ran towards the elevator door and got his walkie-talkie out.

At the moment where he entered the door, he said, “Hello?”

“Yeah? We have a problem, we have guards waiting for us,” said Lily, anxiously.


As Tyler came in, Wesley fell unconscious when the guard took a whip and blew it at his back.

“No!” Lily screamed as she dove towards him.

Tyler immediately tried to steal the whip, and successfully did that. He used the whip to knock two guards unconscious at once.

With three guards left, Lily stood and tried to slap a guard in the face, but missed, and got punched in the face, and passed out.

Tyler got the whip and blew the other three guards out cold, but it was no use. He would not be able to defeat the rest of the guards. Grabbing his friends’ hands, he ran towards the elevator door.

Where am I?

Lily woke up in her office room at Pennsylvania. It felt like the punch was seconds ago, but looking at the calendar, it was July 3, a month and twelve days after the storm.

But, being that it was a new “era” now, she would now list this day as the starting point as after the first invasion, and they would be back.

She was frustrated that the guard defeated her with just one punch. She knew one thing: the crew had been slacking. The four needed to work more, and fast. Knowing this, she went to the basement room, where all the cars were at. She drove to the nearest shopping mall.


Chapter 7

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