Chapter 8

10 AM, D-1, Incident Era

“Hey, guys! I’m back!”

“Where were you? We thought you were still in the coma!” Wesley yelled.

“I bought punching gloves and some punching bags,” Lily replied.

The other three were stunned. Not only did she somehow wake up from the coma, she was motivated by her loss! After a few seconds of silence, Tyler spoke up:

“Wait, so what money did you use?”

“I used my own. What gives? Let’s start working out!” Lily exclaimed.

So, the four went to the lounge where the soccer field was at and started to punch the bag. They also brought in whips, arrows, and knives. Using the whip, the thick ropes were cut. Using the arrows, the targets were torn and battered. Using the knives, the walls were now wrecked. Using their fists, their punching combos improved.

“So, when are we going to use this skill?” asked Paige.

“When the time comes to wreck Trevor’s face off,” Lily replied.

A short silence comes between them.

“You really want revenge now. I can see it,” Paige replied.

“Well, you haven’t noticed, now have you?” Lily exclaimed.

Vancouver, Canada

“Finally, a chance to redeem me.”

Leonard and George just landed at Vancouver to find more information on Trevor and his personal life.

“We’re heading to the Rockies. Packed your ski stuff?” Leonard asked.

“Check. I never forget that.” George confirmed.

In Vancouver, early was a great time to investigate in the Rockies, especially when it was summer.

The two got in the rental car they received earlier. They had heard about the total fail that Tyler, Wesley, and Lily had. Next time, he promised that they would come.

When they arrived at the Rockies, they first skimmed around for a while.

“I’ve seen nothing here!” Leonard called out.

“Nor here!” George responded. “Let’s move around more. We might not find it in a day, but we have time.”

So, the two moved along across the Rockies for a while and yet still they couldn’t find anything but a note.

“Look what this says.”

“What is it?” George asked.

“It’s a note with a message on it.

Bottoms left, right side down.

Bottom Right, Left, Right

“I don’t get it,” Leonard replied.

“No one should. Let’s get a hotel room for now. Let’s investigate.”

Chapter 8

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