Chapter 9

5 AM, D-2 Incident Era / IE

Paige woke up early today. After an intensive day of training yesterday, she went to take some breakfast and saw how everything was doing.

The teleportation device only worked within three feet, so the template was deleted and the project was rejected.

The construction crew built ten rooms for the schools that they would teach. The kids would need to be taught on what they wanted to be when they grew up into the system.

The defense to get in the base was now at top shape. You first had to type your password in, then show a correct ID, then type a recommendation code that you get every time you leave the base or are sent off to a mission. It was highly effective, since spies would sneak around at night and try to break in.

But there was a new system: the mission crew. They needed to be in the best shape possible both mentally and physically. Only the people that are the best in both categories go on for missions. Paige had realized yesterday that the four of them couldn’t fight Trevor alone.

Paige woke up Tyler and they went to the lounge. Tyler took a soccer ball, and Paige picked up a video game.

“I’m bored,” she muttered to herself. “I’ll just play this for a while.”

Tyler went towards the field and played with a person there already.

“I’ll play keeper,” he said.

Lily and Wesley woke up and went to work early as well. They went to the gym, where Wesley kept throwing the arrows and Lily kept punching. They kept practicing like they did yesterday.

But, nevertheless, an explosion happened and everyone heard it.

“What is going on!?” Lily screamed.

“We have to go to where the bomb exploded… It’s at the antenna!” he replied nervously.

The two dashed off towards the antenna.



Chapter 9

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