Chapter 10

5 AM ET, D-2, I. E.

Vancouver, Canada

“Got it!”

“What did you find, George?” Leonard asked eagerly.

“It’s the secret base of Trevor!” George replied. “I’ll call the crew over at Pennsylvania.”

George picked up his phone, pressed the ten numbers on the phone and called.

“Hello?” he asked.

“Sorry, but we have a big problem, we can’t pick up. It’s a huge problem, call an hour from now, got it?” said Paige, the voice muffled.

“Okay, got it,” George replied.

Base HQ, Pennsylvania

The four dashed to the outside, where they saw a small bomb on their antenna.

“We need to get that bomb off somehow. How will we do that?” Paige asked.

“Luckily, I brought this!” Wesley yelled.

It was a Nerf gun that had been upgraded to go ten times faster and more accurate than the original version.

“Ok, then, fire away, hit the bomb and send it flying, and mission accomplished. Got it? Tyler, Lily, get some ammo for the Nerf gun!” Paige commanded.

Wesley fired four shots while Lily and Tyler sprinted towards the garage.

“All misses! It’s gonna blow up in… about five minutes!” Wesley screamed.

He had two more bullets left, so he fired both, but they fell short by just.

“Darn it! We have to wait now,” Wesley hollered angrily.

After three minutes had ticked off, the ammo was here.

Wesley quickly inserted ten bullets and fired quickly, but missed five, and the five that had hit the bomb made it go even closer to the antenna.

“One minute!”

He then picked up fifteen more bullets, fired them slowly, and got the bomb to fly off with just twenty seconds left.

“Yes! Got it!”

After the slow and peaceful twenty seconds were over, the bomb blew up harmlessly off to the forest.

“Anyways, back to normal now-” Tyler said.

“Wait. I got a phone call from George saying that he found something huge. It’s not normal.”



Chapter 10

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