Chapter 11

5 PM ET, I. E.

Vancouver, Canada

“Here it is. It’s a secret base. But it’s blocked by a code. However, we found a clue here…”

George showed the four, who had just arrived at Vancouver a note that had five numbers on them.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

EN Keyboard, left to right, bottoms up

“Wait, it says ‘EN Keyboard,’ so maybe we should go with the first five letters that we see on the keyboard on each row,” Paige replied.

After knowing that, Leonard typed “ASDFG,” but that code was invalid. He tried “ZXCVB,” but that also was invalid. He tried the final combination, “QWERT,” and the code was correct, so the door opened.

The room was lighted up once they came in, and the first thing they saw were guards.


Lily had slapped the first guard in the face, and Wesley came over to tackle the other guard, and they found a map of the base in his hand.

Apparently, Trevor was at the base right now, which meant that they could stop him at this moment.

Afterward, they were faced with ten guards and were completely surrounded.

“We’ll handle this. You guys go!” George exclaimed.

Tyler, Paige, Wesley, and Lily dashed towards the elevator. They found out that there were five basement floors, and Trevor was at the lowest of them. The elevators, as they predicted, stopped at the B1 floor. They quickly ran towards the next elevator, without a single sight of an impediment coming.


George had just finished off the first seven guards and was moving on to help Leonard with his two guards. He stealthily reached the back of a guard and used a tranquilizer to make him fall. He then sneaks over towards the two other guards and used a whip he had in his pocket. They banged on the floor unconscious.

“Let’s run! They might need our help, George!” Leonard hollered, as they sprinted towards the elevator.

They got in the elevator, turned on the fast mode, and got to B1 in an instant, where they noticed that Wesley, Lily, Tyler, and Paige were fighting with a guard with a whip. Leonard quickly grabbed a tranquilizer pin and stuck it in the guard with the whip, which he fell unconscious.

George went towards Lily, who was about to get punched, blocked the punch, then brought out his whip to whip it on his back.

They succeeded defeating the first two layers of guards. They needed to infiltrate the next few layers downstairs.

Chapter 11

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