Chapter 12

The crew went down towards the second basement floor, and as they went down, they noticed a door with another keypad.

“Wow, they sure like codes,” George said.

“You can expect this for the next three floors ahead. Trevor was a coder before he turned evil,” Leonard replied.

“Hey, stop right there!”

“Well, here come six more guards!” Lily exclaimed.

Tyler immediately blocked a punch from a guard and said, “You guys quickly find a hint and the code! Wesley and I will hold them off!”

George’s reactions went through the roof as he started to find a clue. He found five slits of paper. Inscribed on them were the letters T, M, U, O, and R.

Paige found another slit of paper saying, “the code is a word.”

George grabbed Paige’s paper, quickly looked at it, and ran to the keypad.

Meanwhile, Wesley smashed two guards and knocked them out cold with his custom-made sword. Tyler used a whip to make the other four guards unconscious.

George quickly typed “tumor” on the keypad. He pressed the enter key and the door opened, and the elevator was only yards away. The six  quickly ran towards the elevator, opened it, then clicked B. 5. It worked.

“Well, look what we have here!”

“Twenty guards? WHAT?!” Wesley hollered.


George used his whip to knock out five guards at once.

“How do you make it so easy?” Wesley asked.

“Just watch me,” George replied.

Quickly, George jumped off a wall and his foot landed on two guards, who fainted fairly easily. He used the whip to then knock ten more people unconscious, then George started a fist fight with the other three guards.

“Just go! I’ll meet up with you later!”

The other five sprinted towards the room where they knew Trevor was in. But when they opened the door, they didn’t see Trevor. They didn’t even see a guard.


Chapter 12

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