Chapter 14

The normal days were back. Paige, Wesley, and Lily were now just sitting in their offices or just doing some work at the gym. Again, very normal.

“Too bad I didn’t sign up for the construction,” Paige mumbled.

“Oh yeah, am I bored,” Wesley replied.

“Is there even something exciting we can do?” Lily asked.

“Nope!” Paige and Wesley simultaneously replied back.

“I’m off to the grocery store, then,” Lily responded tiredly.

And it was back to work, as usual.

3 PM, D-3, I. E.

Future Base, Nebraska

“Okay, we’re here now! We need the blueprints ready. Do you have them?” Tyler asked.

One worker gave Tyler the blueprints. It had a dome-shaped base for a shield, which then the workplace would go inside with.

“Okay, the materials are ready, so let’s begin!” Tyler exclaimed.

Quickly, the workers grabbed first part of the steel dome and put it on the floor. After a quick thirty minutes, the first two parts were done.

Then Tyler, Leonard, and George grabbed some metal and built the actual base itself.  They used bricks to make the first four feet of the base, but the base was to be forty feet high.

The dome, by the time the first four feet of bricks were done, had nearly reached twenty feet, with four more out of ten parts to go.

Tyler and Leonard took a break while George bought some more materials and day one of construction was over.

The next day, the three and more workers started working on putting more bricks on. After the dome was finished, the supplies for the base arrived, such as wires, furniture, and others.  Tyler started adding these, starting on the first floor. By the end of the day, the third floor was up and the first floor was on. This gave the crew a comfortable place to sleep in.

After a week passed, the building was up and ready to be operated. Tyler drove to Pennsylvania for the workers who lived close to the new base in Nebraska to bring the news to them that they can come over.

The first wave of about 30 workers came the day after the building was completed.Tyler also decided to stay at the new base to stay light on their feet. It was a shocking message but for the better of the final movement.


Chapter 14

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