Chapter 15

D-12, I. E.

Rocky Mountains

“Ugh! You guys are terrible!”

“Why is half my gold gone! Explain now!”

Trevor just arrived at his secret base to find that someone had broken into the base. The guards were whimpering in fear as Trevor was yelling at them.

Someone pointed out, “George and the others c-came to the b-base and they,” he shuddered, then spoke, “stole the gold.”

“You’re fired! Now, everyone! No mistakes are necessary now! We must go for a victory against these guys! Do you understand!?”

“Yes!” they chanted.

Base 2, Nebraska

After a few days of adjustment and adaptation, the first work day arrived. Sixty workers would be working on projects or working out at the gym with an instructor for later missions.

George and Tyler started working on supplies for fighting and Leonard started going for armor.

Also, other small buildings were in the process of being made into housing services for the workers.

The revolution had begun.


Chapter 15

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