Chapter 17

2nd Base, Nebraska

Leonard was cramming through to an elevator. He had just read the news, and something urgent was happening.

He panted as he got to the elevator and pressed the “12” button.

The awkward sound of him panting while in the elevator made the other co-workers in the elevator slightly annoyed. However, once he got to his floor, he went back to sprinting towards the lounge.

“Nope,” he thought.

Leonard ran to the offices.

“Not here either,” he muttered.

So he took the stairs to floor thirteen and saw George walking down the stairs.


“Listen, the UN secretary-general election is happening today! We need to get footage,” demanded Leonard.

“Yo, relax, relax, I have it, and no, Trevor did not win,” George replied. “He lost in a landslide. Probably furious now, to be honest.”

“Okay,” Leonard said, relieved.

So George and Leonard walked downstairs to go get lunch and get to their personal lounge.

Tyler was having a video chat with the crew at the HQ. He was talking about some issues about them and the public, saying that there are too many people wanting to join after a huge loss for Trevor. This concern was serious, as if they couldn’t recruit everyone, bad reports will start flooding in.

Tyler brought his phone and dialed Paige’s number.


Chapter 17

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