Chapter 19

Moscow, Russia

The crew arrived in a blink to see the glorious sights of Moscow. Yet it seemed dark. No one was walking down the streets. Only the beggars were dragging down the street. They looked up to an electronic billboard. Even that was off.

“What is going on to this city?” Leonard asked.

“Whatever it is, it looks shady to me. Is Trevor sending the nuke today and announced it to the public? That would be awfully dark and would make your heart sink to the bottom of the earth,” George replied.

“Here, catch,” Leonard said casually.

The crew each caught a lab coat, a lanyard with a fake ID on it, and a weapon.

“Here, Lily, trade you gloves for whip,” Tyler said slightly like a demand.


All six moved towards the base when they noticed that the electronic billboard had turned on.

“Tick tock! I was waiting for a while! The clock starts for the nuke now!” Trevor exclaimed.

The timer started with fifteen minutes on the clock. Quickly, George gave Paige a walkie-talkie and kept one to himself.

“Communicate with me and tell us how many minutes!” George cried out, as he ran towards the entrance.

“I’ll stay behind too if there are any more tricks!” said Lily.

And off they went. The clock was already at fourteen minutes.

Panting, George destroyed five guards with his bare hands in mere seconds, yet it feels like the nuke is going to implode any second.

“Warning, a thirteen-minute warning. What floor are you on?” Paige asked.

“Second out of six. We are not close,” George replied.

More guards storm in. Leonard pops in with a strengthened Nerf gun and shoots them all, hitting their faces. Wesley then throws a smog bomb as they tackle the guards while they don’t notice.

“Ten minutes.”

“We just got to the third floor.

Now a specialist guard. Looks like he has a deadly whip and a Nerf gun. George flies in with an advantage, using the longer whip, while Wesley pummels the opponent with smog balls and Leonard uses nice logic and range to hit the guard with the Nerf gun.

“Eight minutes!”

“Fourth floor!”

Heavily outnumbered, Leonard fires multiple bullets, yet it seems none are disappearing. Tyler uses his whip to wipe out most of the guards like dominoes, as they moved on.

“Five minutes!”

“We’re still on four!”


Chapter 19

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