Chapter 20

Tyler ran towards the elevator as George kept using the whip to clear guards. They made it to the elevator when they faced a question:

I hope you’ve been paying attention to the guards. How many guards did I bring out?

The elevator buttons were the keypads to the answer. Wesley started to think and blurted, “56!”

Tyler pressed the numbers and pressed the go button.

Ding! The elevator door opened and the room looked different. It was the fifth floor.

“Two minutes! Get there, and fast!” remarked Paige.

They didn’t care about guards anymore. They ran straight to the elevator without any thought of the guards in the way. They found the elevator and quickly pressed the 6 button.

Leonard and Wesley stayed up the front of the door. George and Lily were facing the opposite direction. Tyler was in the middle, ready for impact.

“Peekaboo!” Trevor said creepily.

George quickly reacted and threw a punch straight towards the face of Trevor. Tyler went right on and whipped him fifteen times on the head. It seemed there was no mercy for the man. The knockout blow was Lily’s running uppercut and old-school wedgie to the coat hanger.

“Which button is it?” said Wesley?

“Thirty seconds!” screamed Paige.

“Guys, find it fast!” George yelled.

Tyler looked around the sixth-floor control room. He looked at the board and saw that the red button was the off button. But the blue said off too. As a last gasp, he looked at the quote on the board. It said, “When you’re feeling blue, just do the opposite of what you’re feeling.”


“Press the red button!” screamed Tyler.


“Just p-p-press it! I don’t have t-time to-” stammered Tyler.


“I don’t believe you.” replied George.

“Seven! Six! Five! Four!”

“Just press it!” Tyler howled.


Tyler lunged for the red button twenty feet away from him.


He pressed the button and the room was dead silent.

“The countdown has stopped! You’ve done it!”

More silence filled the room as they walked out of the room and into the elevator. They had nearly died, and they officially saved themselves from imminent death. The elevator went straight down to the first and they cheered for their victory once they got out. It was over.

Chapter 20

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