Leonard is on his phone ready to report the things the crew has done in Russia in the past few hours to his coworker in the HQ. 

TO: Nicholas Smith

FROM: Leonard Smith

Subject: We Did It!

The nuke that could have destroyed our base has been saved. This is just another day in Russia. Now we have to file a report to the Russian Police and get the citizens to move from the suburbs to the urban part.

George looks at Leonard’s phone and says, “You forgot, we need to also disarm, defuse and remove the bomb, which we should have a group of scientists handle that.”

Also, we need to disarm the bomb and remove the bomb to remove any risk of Trevor setting it off AGAIN. That, my friend, would be awfully painful. [wink emoji place here]

He decides to walk towards Paige and says in a relaxed voice, “We need to restore the environment around the city to make it liveable in the Russian capital. Imagine if this city becomes a ghost town.”

Hopefully, our plan works and the citizens’ traumas about the nuke will disappear. However, we are not sure about that just yet. We may be in the city for an extended amount of time. So, I put you in charge of the base for now. Tell them the information and-

Leonard asks Tyler, “Should we call for reinforcements? We may need help getting this task done quickly.”

Tyler responds, “Only five or so people should come. We don’t want a load of people hounding over what they want us to do.”

Leonard quickly finishes his sentence.

-grab some reinforcements. Five is an okay number for us, but no more than seven and no less than four. Hopefully, we can complete it in time so I can go celebrate your birthday a fortnight from now. If I can’t, then being in charge for two weeks plus is your reward.

Hope you have a good time being boss for a while,

-Leonard Smith


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