Two weeks later…

After hours of getting the public back to their homes and defusing the bomb and reporting a situation to the police, the game was done. The group had finally cleared all danger from the land.

Trevor, after numerous days went by, was arrested for the daunting things he had done. Now, the six went back to their bases.

“It’s funny how this only lasted four months,” Wesley said.

“Yeah, and how it all began with a crash of the car!” Tyler exclaimed.

The two bases were talking on video chat in their respective offices. The whole story about them was finally revealed in a book Paige published called “The Eye.”

“Imagine what our lives would be without the hookup,” George replied.

“It’s crazy how we even got here!” Leonard yelled out loud.

“Oh yeah, anyways, we need to start an actual business now that fighting crime is officially over. Hopefully, we can earn some money and build ourselves a business.” Lily said with a smile.

“We’re planning that right now, as we’re getting in the stock market right now,” Paige responded. “Over here in the HQ, we’re getting into making technology and selling them for good money. Like our device that gave us the ability to teleport. However, we are going to make the device limited and the people who use it have to have a teleportation license.”

“That’s a good start. What else can we do?” asked George.

“Well, I don’t know yet, but when the time comes, we will let you know, like, fast,” Paige replied. “It all started with a storm and a spirit, now didn’t it?”

“Yes it did, Paige, yes it did,” responded Wesley as he started to drift off into his own thoughts for a while. It was hectic.





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