Fractals and Bumpy Line False Proofs

Say you are in the following situation:

You have an infinite amount of steel and you want to use all of the steel to build a fence that covers the entire house.  You must use all the steel and must not take up the space of the whole world.

Now, you may be thinking that it is impossible because of the fact that you’ll never run out of steel fences.

However, the one solution to this is:


Image result for fractals

This is a fractal and although you may not think the outsides, or, in this case, the perimeter is infinite, look some fractal-gifs up and they’ll show you why they have an infinite perimeter.

You may argue that a gnarly shape with an infinite perimeter has an infinite area, but a fractal is a special case. It is a shape with an infinite perimeter, yet the area is not infinite. This is because of the fact that some of the lines on the picture are so bumpy that they look like smooth lines. Just look at the right part that looks like a butt. Smooth, right? Wrong.

And going back to bumpy lines, there are also proofs(that are false) that prove that pi can equal four(again, false, do not tell a fifth-grade math teacher). So, take a circle with a diameter of one. Now, put a square on top of it and make its side length 1.

Now, cut the corners of all four of them and repeat forever and you get:

Image result for pi =4 proof

See the outline of the circle? Now, repeat it more and you prove that you have pi = 4? Wrong. The drawing will reach an area of a circle but not a circumference of it. This example can be seen in other ways too, like finding the length of a diagonal for a square.

This also goes back to the fractals. Although the fractal may have the bumpiest lines ever, the area of the bumps is not huge. So listen up, people who want to prove some things that have already been proven are wrong: There are reasons why things are what they are.

Fractals and Bumpy Line False Proofs

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