The Sweet, Sweet Smell Of… Chlorine?

Of course, when we think of things that smell great, we think of roses, fruits, flowers, foods, and other very good-smelling things. Although, in my case, I have to say my favorite smell is the chlorine smell fresh from the pool.

Many of you will be hurling words of disagreement. Go ahead, speak for yourself in the comments. I don’t care. But to explain myself, I need some part of my life.

Starting off when I probably was still in preschool, my parents took me to swim lessons. Of course, I wasn’t the fastest four-year-old swimmer in the world, but it was a start to my love for the pool. I move on and keep taking swim lessons till the day finally comes that I have to pack my bags and move from my hometown; Buffalo, NY; to Bloomsburg, PA.

This move gave me big opportunities and linked me to the swim team. I wasn’t a star my first year, but I still scraped an eighth place and seventh place medal in my division in the individual championships. I kept improving and soon, I could swim 25 yards in under 20 seconds. In my final year in the under-10 division, I got a second place and three fifth place medals (The next year, I missed the individual championships due to a cold or something, who cares, I don’t want to disgust you).

So, representing myself and my story, you can understand why my like of the smell of chlorine is so real. You can’t judge anything with its cover, but you must judge it by the reasons and the way it got here. Maybe the internet should understand that there are many things under the cover, and maybe the internet will stop loathing people about making the wrong move. But you know about maybe’s.

The Sweet, Sweet Smell Of… Chlorine?

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