Summer: Is the Future Bright?

When we think of summer, we think of the beach, swimsuits, and other things we do when it is sunny. But is the future for summer going to take a turn? Looking at issues like pollution and global warming, your grandson’s summer may be harsher than yours. By a mile.

Many nations are concerned about global warming and what will happen to things like the fruits in summer, like strawberries, watermelons, and peaches. The plants that thrived in the summer will now have to adapt to the changing climate, and this may be for the better or, unfortunately, for the worst, which is bound to hap[pen to some of the fruits that are found in summer. This could be said the same for all the different seasons, and hopefully, the nations will be able to mitigate the effects of global warming, which is only the first problem.

Pollution is only adding to the global warming problem. Nearly 1.4 billion tons of litter is in the ocean alone. People don’t even live there! Now, imagine how much trash there is on land. This is only making it tougher for nations to solve global warming because global warming comes from many different places. They come from factories, air pollution, the greenhouse effect, and many other causes. This is when nations are in a dilemma when you want to keep your citizens’ jobs at the factory but you don’t want to hurt the world. While nations are stalling, the temperatures in summer are getting even hotter. Canada is getting weather that the northern U. S. has. Greenland’s ice caps are melting. Global warming and pollution are responsible for this.

So, now do you really think summer has a bright (not literal) future?  They do not. The path to the next century does look bright in the wrong way. Our nations must fix this problem of summer being from one of the hottest times to buy a swimsuit to being literally the hottest times.

Summer: Is the Future Bright?

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