The 27th Letter?!

When we think of the alphabet, we probably think of the twenty-six letters of the alphabet and you as a toddler singing the A-B-C’s. However, some claims say that there are actually 27 letters in the alphabet and it looks like:

Image result for ampersand


This is an ampersand, the so-called 27th letter of the alphabet. If you know the English language pretty well (which a lot of us do), this just is the word “and.” This “letter” was actually called per se, but came to be as ampersand, according to, because a student was just saying, “And, per se, and, per se, and per se” and this became ampersand, so the name was to stay.

But do kindergarten teachers include this letter in their curriculum? Absolutely not! I bet we would have known by just reading a bunch of papers and see that & and look at its usage and say, “Well, it probably means and!” I think that is the reason why many think it should not be a letter in the alphabet, and why many do not know it is a letter in the first place.

However, looking at the other side, & is even in the A-B-C song between Y and Z, so yeah, it could be a letter. After all, it might help us save maybe a day of our life typing “and”. We’ve probably typed it or scribbled it a million times, and & would save us a bunch of time. You click only two buttons compared to the three to four (depending on if it is a capital letter or lower case letter).

Although it may be disputed that the ampersand could be the 27th letter of the alphabet, we do need to realize that things are debatable, like whether 1/0 really equals infinity or not. Oh well. Bonus points if you can find how many and’s I used (The one to the left counts. And the one I just used. And the one I just used. And the one I just used. And the one I just used. And the one I just used. And the one I just used. Okay, I’ll stop spamming.).


The 27th Letter?!

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