Why Racism Will Never Go Away

Around the world, we know that all of us are different, whether in skin color, abilities, or appearance. However, this is sometimes an issue when people start to believe that others are weird and shouldn’t exist. This is probably what built racism. Although the U. S. has had issues in racism in the past and they still do, it will not disappear, as long as people that are different still exist.

The reason why people do acts of racism is very simple: they think that they are better than others and specific others are not. It is probably why in textbooks with U. S. history say that whites were “superior” to blacks from the 19th to the 20th century. The whites thought they were better than the blacks, so, they decided to treat them horribly in return. It is obviously difficult to understand that we should treat each other with respect because we obviously have someone we dislike. It’s okay to do that. Everyone dislikes someone at one point in their life. What makes the difference is when you pass the fine line: by rubbing it in their face by saying you are better than them and he/she is just the worst at everything. This, clearly, has happened a lot around the world, and will continue.

Racism will probably never go away for that reason: there’s always that one person that ruins it for everyone, that different person in the corner, the odd one out, or the one not like the others. There is always someone like that and there is also the person that rubs it in their face by telling them that their differences are weird, or not cool or something like that. It’s just bound to happen. We are all different, even in our traits, remember?

Although we wish it wasn’t true, racism is just bound to stay. Unless people are willing to accept their differences and united, racism is always going to happen. Even though that is true, we should still try to limit it and stand up against it to help create a better world for everyone.

Why Racism Will Never Go Away

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