About North Korea’s First (Claimed) Ballistic Missile Test

If you have not heard yet, North Korea claims that they tested their first ballistic missile. As a human being that has South Korean ancestry, it is quite concerning to realize that North Korea may attack soon to the U. S. or South Korea.

Of course, after Donald Trump decided to request that China should compromise with North Korea by cutting relations with them. However, this didn’t do the job because China is suspicious of creating more rivals for themselves. Also, a nation that has lost you more than one billion dollars are urging you to cut ties with a state that is working with you. For China, this is a problem. Now, the U. S. is attempting to avoid North Korea from launching the missile themselves. China is not going to help the U. S. because in the best case scenario, China does not have to do any negotiations with anyone.

Now, South Korea is in hot water. After electing a new president because of an impeachment, now, the new president must deal with matters encircling the nation being blasted. A negotiation between the two countries needs to happen before doom awaits. If it fails to hold up, then it might start an all-out nuclear war, which has not happened before.

I believe that all nations must gather to solve this issue quickly. After all, this event in the worst-case scenario may start a nuclear war. Representatives from countries around the world will hopefully solve the issue quickly before war bursts out.

About North Korea’s First (Claimed) Ballistic Missile Test

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