Should We Find A New Planet to Live In?

When we think of space, we have in mind of aliens, planets, stars, and everything that makes up space. Our planet is likewise an answer to this category. Looking at our planet’s future, we may desire to get going on a distant planet. The problem is, can we find a planet that fits our needs?

Consequently, scientists need to discover a planet that can match our needs. We need oxygen to breathe in, no extreme temperatures, and the star that supports the planets cannot die in a short time. Furthermore, there can’t be anything that could place humans at peril, like radiation, volcanoes, or constant meteors flying and hitting the planet. Of course, this planet is hard to find. Few planets contain the capabilities to support living things.
However, maybe you suggest that we settle on the Moon or Mars. This is true, but they do not contain pure oxygen in their atmosphere. Imagine you wearing an oxygen mask all the time when you are alive on Mars or the Moon. You cannot eat or drink anything because you might inhale Mars’ environment, 95% carbon dioxide. Not a safe thing to inhale. Same goes for the Moon.
Of course, we may be capable of flying out towards the Moon or throwing a spacecraft to Pluto. But our next trial is finding a planet that sustains life for us. We must look fast because the Earth might not be safe to live. After all, we might as well start early for a 500,000-year advantage.
Should We Find A New Planet to Live In?

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