Science and Math: The Dynamic Duo

Many people either really hate math, or really like math. Same is with science. But even though the two subjects may be similar in that way, there are many other ways they are similar.

When you think of the gnarliest thing you can think of in math and science, there’s probably one thing in it: =. That sign is in way too many things in the world, including formulas, arithmetic, and pretty much every single thing in math and science, Wait, is that a coincedence? No! Science needs its counterpart math to clear up issues on how wee can tell how much, how many, and other questions. This is why science is filled with formulas. But, even though science needs math, can it be the other way around?

Now, imagine a world without the quadratic equation. The quadratic equation is a math thing definitely, but it can be related to physics too. The quadratic equation can be like pointing to gravity. You can use this equation to find the trajectory of a tennis ball being hit by a racket or a basketball flying through someone’s hands, or so on. If it weren’t for science, maybe the quadratic equation wouldn’t exist. But even they aren’t the biggest similarities between the two.

Science and math weren’t invented; they were discovered by people curious by the world. Say that we have three flowers. If math hasn’t been “invented’ yet, then are they still three flowers? Yes! Moreso, If we lived in a world before Issac Newton discovered gravity, would we be floating around? No! Both of them already existed even before our planet was build to contain these creatures.

So maybe before you judge math and science for being the worst subjects there are, open up. Discover what there is and maybe you’ll discover some similarities between other subjects, too.

Science and Math: The Dynamic Duo

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