The Experience of Korea

Many vacations are mostly in hot areas. If I were to ask people their dream summer vacation, it’d probably be in somewhere hot, like California, Florida, any island, or somewhere that has the word beach in it. But many people wouldn’t think twice about South Korea. It is a great place to have a vacation.

To start off,  choose the right flight company to go to Korea and you’ll have the best service you’ll see in an airplane. Some crews offer games, movies, TV shows and many other things. They’ll give quality food, blankets, and even medicine when you’re sick. So, just choose the right service. Probably best to go with Korean companies like Korean Air. They’ll give you all of this.

For all those people who say it’s not hot in Korea, think twice. It is a hot place in Korea, especially when the rainy season ends. The humidity reaches to an all-time high and it makes anyone sweat. But that’s what you want, really, to all those beach lovers out there. You want that hot weather to go and swim, surf, sunbathe, waterski, or whatever. Although a fair warning: you might want to buy bug spray once you get to Korea. If you aren’t moving outside, the bugs are going to get you. I think my sister got like 30 bug bites or something.

Every city is a big city. The capital, Seoul, contains 10 million + people. This is the fourth most populous city behind Tokyo, Japan; NYC, USA; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Other cities, like Busan and Incheon, also contain more than a million people. The top nine cities in Korea have over a million people living in them. The tenth most populous city is only 10,000 people off.

Although many people would say otherwise, I suggest that Korea is a good place to go for vacation. After all, you never know unless you try. But everyone knows about doing and trying.


The Experience of Korea

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