What Are the Keys To Succeed?

Everybody wants success. After all, success leads to good things that make us happy like praises, knowing that someone cares about what you did, or a reward, like a pizza party at work. But the road to success is somewhat confusing. Was it because of hard work? Or your diverse skills? Maybe even luck? It is hard to explain what directly leads to success but there are many ways to may show you the way to success.

Say you just started playing baseball and you can’t tell the difference between a shortstop and a catcher. You don’t even know what a fastball is! How are you going to get better so you don’t always have to sit in the dugout being a bench warmer? Many people would probably just sign off, but if you work hard, maybe you could be the star of the team. In fact, working hard everyday may be a great way to start your way from the bottom to the top. Once you’re at the top, it’s a different story, though.

Once you have a flair for baseball and you are the star of the team, how are you going to stay on top? People now expect more of you because you are, well, good! Sure, you can expect a bad player to get a strikeout, but you can’t expect the star to mess up like that! Once you are at the top, and you can perform, now use your skills and improve them from the last game. Even though it gets harder and harder to improve once your skills get better, you will definitely notice the difference in the way you perform. Again, hard work is also beneficial here.

Although these might not directly go to success, you will get there one day. One day you will have success at your hands if you work hard and use and improve your skills. Maybe the road to success isn’t that cloudy after all.

What Are the Keys To Succeed?

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