What is Blogging?

If you are reading this, you probably know what I mean. You’re in a blog right now. But what do bloggers do for a living? Do they just spend their lives writing diaries about themselves? Are they travelers sharing their experiences? About 152 million blogs exist in the world. It’s time to know what they do.

You have to start with a main idea for your blog to start. Mainly, I just write about random things every day or so. But many others write about their daily life. Many people talk about their travels. Some even about math and stuff like that. They pick a topic and start writing about their experiences. Their takes on things. It makes every blog unique in a way.

But there are many other people, many call youtubers, are doing vlogs instead of blogs. Although they are the same concept, a vlog is a video blog. Simply, a vlog is a blog post that is a moving picture. After all, a picture is a thousand words after all, right?

Blogging is a popular type of website. After all, you are in one right now. Now that we know what one is, let us open the world up with our connection: blogging.

What is Blogging?

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