The Many Differences of Countries

You might say that the U. S. and the U. K. are similar looking at things like where people mostly live and stuff. But assumptions are useless, and we must say that all the countries around the world are different. Where I'm at right now, Korea, is a much different story than America, my home country.

When you look at a map, you probably see that America is bigger that India and China. However, the United States have less people living in it than the smaller countries China and India. India is a developing country, so it seems that their citizens aren't at their best conditions. China, however, is a developed country, so maybe their citizens live in big apartment buildings or houses above buildings, probably low quality. You could probably see the same things in Korea, where there is a developed country with lots of people in it.

It is amazing how people complain how their house or apartment is so bad or the kitchen is just off. There are many people in a different country doing fine in a mini house! Shared with, maybe, another family! Before we start complaining about the stupid toiled or the dumbest TV ever, we should consider the lesser and say, "Am I living a better life than the people below me?"

We all understand that every country is different. It's a given fact, saying if two countries were too similar, they'd probably just say they join to become a single country. But even with that, we should remember that us reading this are at least in better condition then those who cannot. So maybe lessen the amount of complaints about your life. It might make the everyday life easier.

The Many Differences of Countries

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