Solar Eclipses

Today–a day of all days, August 21, 2017, is America’s first sight at a solar eclipse since 1918! But for those who are wondering, “How can I watch the eclipse?” or “What is a solar eclipse?”, here are some facts you need to know for today’s eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the moon overlaps the sun and so it causes a shadow and blocks its brightness. This year those of you Americans in the line from Oregon to South Carolina should see a total eclipse, when the moon completely blocks the sun’s shine. This will make it look like night for a few moments, then back to day. If you aren’t in those lines of areas, though, you may stick to seeing a partial eclipse, where you will see the moon partially blocking the sun.

The solar eclipse, like the bare sun, is not safe to look directly in the eye, which is the reason why we buy eclipse sunglasses and may DIY pinhole projectors. Eclipse glasses can be bought quickly online. But if you can’t, then make a pinhole projector. First, find a paper box, most preferably a cereal box, and find some paper. Trace the bottom of the box and cut it out. Put this strip of paper to the bottom of the box. Next, cut part of the box so that the lid splits the holes in the box in two. Next, grab aluminum foil and put it over one hole. Next, get a pin and jab one hole through the foil. Now, once the eclipse appears, take its light and face it towards the pinhole you created. You should see a part of a sun or a just a traced circle.

Today is a day that will go down in history in America. This solar eclipse may be once-in-a-lifetime for us Americans. Hopefully we all get to see this memory and make it good.

Solar Eclipses

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