Every day now it seems that the days are getting shorter. When I see the nice sight of a big mountain out of my window, the trees seem to be differing in shade. I keep looking out. Each day outside, I keep squinting my eyes, waiting for the nice difference in brightness inside.

I love summer. The hot air and the beaches are always the reason I love the summer. That water over the coast is where I’m meant to be for the summer. But sometime, the hot air going to leave. Nature is not going to let the lands of Florida or Texas stay like a furnace for too long. After all, when there is a protagonist of something, there is always an antagonist, wanting to creep in.

But sometimes the change is good. It almost feels like I don’t have to  move for change. As every day passes, the closer we get to my birthday in the harsh winter. But I wasn’t going to let winter get in my way. My favorite sports are mainly sports that you play in the summer. But we usually compete in them in the winter. Such strange tactics in any summer sport, but it works. You play the sport for the whole year from then.

That darkness creeping through and ready to devour the daytime may not be the apocalypse or the revelation, but it surely is a change in your life. Maybe after some sun, we should celebrate what is called fall informally, but really autumn.


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