The Last Ones: Prologue

Harry Smith had changed his plans of choice before choosing.

His conscience had said, “No! You can’t be kidding!”

But this was the only way of winning and surviving in front of his enemies, what ever it took. The world is cruel sometimes, he thought, as he waited for his enemies to come. He thought of the days with his son and daughter. They must be safe. He was the one who was being selfish for the last month, and now it was time to give it back.

He watched the window. The thunder was rolling around. For one second, he thought he would be all right. He would get back and tell his kids the story. He could- right?


Nope. Too late now.

The door opened in their jail cell.

The man in the blue suit said, “What do you choose?”

“I choose to die.”


“You heard me, shoot me! I would rather die than come to your service.”

Time slowed down.

Harry quickly stole the gun and pointed it directly at them. “You are very bad at this game, now aren’t you?”

“No, we aren’t, but, you are also bad at this game.” The man in the blue suit grabbed his gun.


Harry Smith was dead, on the floor, no one to help. His last words were said: “Tell them…”



The Last Ones: Prologue

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