Chapter 16

John’s dad appeared as he opened the door. John was super confused.

Agent J said, “You must decide whether this man is real or not.”

John checked his body and slowly moved his hand towards Harry’s body.

“Wait! You cannot touch the body.”

Using logical deduction, if they didn’t want John touching him, then he concluded that Harry was a hologram or just an AI robot made like a human. So he immediately said, “No, this man is not real.”

He surprised himself saying that. Did he really just say that his father wasn’t real? He looked real enough, but then again, he wasn’t the best father at times. He remembered the time when his father wasn’t there for his wrestling meet where he was state champion in his division. He wasn’t even there to cheer him on for the national tournament, which he won as well. All his best memories were without his father in them, which made him less important to him than other things.

The second trial was up. There was a boxing glove and a whip. A dummy appeared.

“It’s beating time. You ready, John?” asked J.

“Just watch me dominate,” John said arrogantly.

Chapter 16

Chapter 15

John and Jack stepped out of the airplane at San Francisco. After eating fried eggs and pancakes, they went off to the police station.

“Why are we going here?” John asked.

“To stop by and get a license. You will be involved in espionage, which will mean that you have to go through a security scan, several rigorous trials, and the final.”

“Oh, god, I am not going to pass,” John muttered.

“Well, there’s only one way to figure out.”

They entered through the automatic door and got to the main desk.

“Can I have an espionage license tried out for John Smith, please?” Jack asked the front desk.

“Bring him over,” the front desk person told Jack bluntly.

John went through the door.

“Hi, I’m Agent J, and we just need to ask you a few questions before you take the trials. First, do you have any personal experience with fighting?”

“Yeah,” John said.

“Do you have any relationship with people with an espionage license?”

“Yeah, I think my father and my cousin has one,” John answered.

“Finally, have you committed any crimes-”

“No,” John said very quickly. “Oh, wait, sorry.” He answered too quickly.

“It’s okay. You have said these very truthfully. Next, you will face the first trial.”

As John sat waiting, a knock came on the door.

He was surprised to see what came up.

Chapter 15

Chapter 14

“Is it a good time to use our weapons?” muttered Karen.

“Yeah, let’s get them.”

Karen came flying with her dagger and defended herself by removing the longer sword. As she kept him at stabbing distance, Trisha had her whip, grasped it, and in no time the enemy fell out cold. Karen put her dagger back into her sheath and Trisha put her whip in her pocket.

“Well, that was easy,” Karen said. She went to grab the shard until Trisha stopped her.

“You have to be careful. The object may have poisonous material on it or has a mythical plague in it, like the Black Death.”

“Wait, that’s a thing?”

“Yep, that’s how the blue men captured your father. They found him just conscious. First, you have bacteria-resistant gloves, and your pliers.”

“Okay,” Karen muttered. She slowly grabbed the shard and brought it up, up, up, and into the bag. “Score!”

Trisha and Karen moved towards their car, but they were met by the blue men.

“Well, looks like you beat that baby. Now beat me, rookie.”

Karen unsheathed her blade and dodged a flaming shuriken headed straight towards her face, and cut the man’s skin near the stomach. She moved towards the neck, leaving a blood mark on the neck. Trisha used her whip to clear out the rest.

Then the man brought out his whip. He slapped it on the ground and Karen jumped, intimidated by the noise. He walked closer and closer, until they came eye to eye.

Everything felt slow motion after that. He slapped his whip about 50 degrees from the ground and suddenly heard another after as the man fell.

“You got good combat skills. But ya might want to work on your intimidation skills.


Chapter 14

Chapter 13

“Yes!” John exclaimed.

While in the plane, John brought his tablet and the game Reeling Fish along with him, which allowed him to play a game with Jack. Jack, as another hardcore gamer, also had fun.

“Hey, I caught a fish, take that!” Jack screamed.

Then the game spawned a shark. This counted as ten points for the player who caught it and both were desperate. John had five points compared to Jack’s seven. Whoever got to fifty points won. They started to mutter things.

“No, no, no!” John said to himself.

“Here’s my chance!” Jack muttered. He got the shark to bite the bait, but as he was reeling in, the shark’s tooth went flying as Jack lost grip. “No!”

“Yes,” John sighed in relief. He started to reel it in slowly as the shark came out. His point score started to go up like a car’s odometer.

The plane touched ground to California, where the blue men’s base supposedly is.

“We need your license for espionage. We are going to the California Police Station for your license, but we need our weapons.”

Jack picked out a slingshot for him while John picked boxing gloves with steel under it. Their weapons were picked very wisely.

Chapter 13

Chapter 12

Karen got scanned by the police for any charges. She obviously didn’t have any crimes, so she got her license immediately after searching.

An Italian policeman said, “You ‘ave skeeels, Karen. Go make dem pay.” He grabbed a paper. “You must cross the breedge to get to the shaaard.”

“Thanks, Francicso,” replied Trisha.

“Gud luck to you too, Treesha.”

“You need to brush up on your English.”

Trisha and Karen drove towards the bridge and found a security guard. The man looked very suspicious and had a blue suit.

“Who are you?” asked Trisha.

“The security guard. We have to check your stuff.”

“He’s lying,” Karen whispered.

Trisha drove right past the guard and without a thought, she knew the mission would be easy.

“Look, we found the shard!”

“Really? Where?” asked Trisha.

“It’s this shiny thing… It’s sharp though,” Karen told Trisha.

“We cut it that way,” said a person behind them.

Trisha looked. Karen knew who it was immediately. It was the security guard from before.

“Oh, goodness gracious.”

Chapter 12

Chapter 11

Jack and John had found trouble when they had just touched the airport. The three-hour drive was over, but the security had a long line and the surprise of the century.

It was a man in a blue suit.

“Spotted one, two, three, four, five men in blue,” John muttered to Jack.

Jack responded, “I spotted ten in front of us. We’re in trouble if we can’t put two and two together.”

“Then we wait till the end of the security line, then fend them off. You good at hand combat?”


John hd just brought a KO punch to a blue suit man, while managing to defend himself against ten guys. Jack was a ranged kid, but he did bring a slingshot with him and rocks. He started to sniper the men. He hit multiple men by throwing the rocks at the men and knocked all of them out cold.

“Wow. You are some sniper.”

“Let’s move along. I have no time for those blue men who have no perception on who is an enemy and an ally.”



Chapter 11

Chapter 10

Trisha and Karen got to Naples the second their stomachs began to grumble. Luckily, the two loved spaghetti and got some pasta from a restaurant.

Trisha bought a steel whip, her favorite weapon. Karen still hadn’t decided what to buy. Guns were out of the story for being too violent. She liked the boxing gloves but they were too light and easy to counter. So she bought a silver dagger, a lightweight weapon that could defend and attack well.

“That suits your personality,” Trisha said. “Your father would definitely appreciate that choice. He was a master dagger player. Could tranquilize anyone within the minute.”

That was why Harry had bought a dagger for her. Nine years ago, he bought a whole training set for her when she was twenty . She didn’t like it at first, but then she realized why he did that. He was ready to pass on knowledge to his kids. John got a similar gift when he turned twenty about three years ago too.

She started to understand some of her father’s choices.

“Okay, then, let’s go to the police station. You need your license to investigate treasures that are high-priced.. I got mine from Naples too, so they’ll know me.”

Chapter 10