Radians VS Degrees

Although we know how many degrees a right triangle’s right angle is, we don’t really get to know radians until geometry and trigonometry comes around near high school. There are 360 degrees in a full turn, but in radians, 2π is equal to a full turn. Is there a reason for these numbers? Let’s find out.

Radians is very easy to explain. We know by at most fifth grade math that the formula for finding the circumference of a circle via the radius is 2πr. I believe that 2π was used as a full turn because 2π is the circumference of a circle when the radius is 1 unit. This is reasonable because when you go half a circle it is π in radians in circumference when r=1.

Degrees is more difficult to explain. I did some research and, turns out, it’s the Sumerians and the Babylonian’s fault that we have 360 degrees, a strange number; it would be easier to have a number like 1000 or 100, right? The reason why is that the Sumerians realized the pattern that a year is close to 360 days, so the Sumerians thought that they rotated around 1 degree per day. This also made it easier to count with the Babylonian base-60 system, and it stuck to today.

Degrees and radians are both very effective ways to measure the degrees of any angle. I believe that any kind can perform well in any math problem. Maybe one way is more effective than the other, but they all have the same purpose: to measure degrees on an angle.

Radians VS Degrees

Chapter 31

Day turned on and both groups moved very swiftly. Harry’s group arrived at some buildings that looked familiar.

“This looks familiar…”

“Wait, there’s a broken boat; I think this is it!”

Harry’s group sprinted towards a car. Jack grabbed keys from his pocket and unlocked the car doors for the group. The three drove off to the police station.

“You’re back! Did you get what you want?” asked Agent J.

“No. The building blew up before we could get our quality information.”

“Where’s the other part of your group? And the reinforcements?”

“The reinforcements died. The other part of the group is probably going the wrong direction right now.”

Karen and Trisha took a big breath. They had sprinted from the start. It was noon. Karen went out to scavenge for something to eat. Suddenly, Karen found a highway towards an exit and found out what it was.

“I found a city, Trisha!”

“Is it San Francisco?”

“No, but I think it’s Oakland!”

They stopped to see a sign near the highway as they walked closer towards the exit. They saw a big sign. It said, “Welcome to Oakland.”

“We can stop for lunch once we get there!”

Sooner, Trisha and Karen picked up speed as they blew by the roads and by 2 o’clock, made it to a Wendy’s. Karen stopped by and picked up two burgers and went off to try to find the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco.

Chapter 31

Chapter 30

All the men went to the north after a heated conversation with the women. Some were still a bit salty, but for the most part, they were just traveling to find buildings. After some hours passed b, they scavenged for wood to create a fire for the night.

“We’re going to have to survive without food for, at this rate, at max another day. Hey, Jack, get a piece of wood and make a torch and see if you can find some food.”

Jack searched for food. He finally found a dead cow and a stick. he carved out some parts of the cow and put it on the stick.

“I found a cow, guys!”

“Hurry up!”

“Yeah, you did it!”

“I have even more pieces nearby, so don’t be shy!”

The women had took a more difficult route down south. The route was very mountainous, climbing high and low, making it hard to find food or a resting place.

“I think we should just head back to where we started.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

The two started walking back from where they came from. Luckily for them, they had left trails of sticks across their route, allowing them to follow back to their starting point. The women stayed up much longer than the men, so they got to the starting point at a later time.

Chapter 30

Chapter 29

First thing the five did was see their surroundings. There were no buildings around anywhere. Just sand and a forest.

“Well, let’s walk across and see if we can find buildings around.”

Funnily enough, John realized that the bubble knocked them off course. However, he didn’t know which way to go.

“But which way will we go?” asked John.

“I think we’ll have to split up. Either way, we’re spending the night with only our ID’s and  forty dollars each,” Karen admitted. Trisha nodded.

“I think we should just stay together,” replied Harry. “This way we know where we all are. I think we should just head north.”

“I don’t think so, Dad,” said Karen.

“It will work, I promise!” exclaimed Harry.

“No, we need to stay light on our feet!” yelled Trisha

“Divide and conquer is not the way to go!” yelled John.

“I’ll just go my way, then! You’ll just stay here till the end of your life!” screamed Karen.

A silence fell as Trisha and Karen walked south from them as the darkness fell.

“We’ll just go north, then! Don’t put the blame on me when you’re heading the wrong direction and don’t know your way back!” Harry screamed back. His voice cracked in the end.

Chapter 29

Chapter 28

“Run, run, run, RUN!” yelled Harry.

Everyone conscious sprinted out of the door. As john was running, he pulled out a map of the floor. Trisha was surprised.

While running, “How did you get that?” Trisha asked.

“I swiped it from Gerald while he was unconscious. No other answers. Just follow me!” John yelled.

John took a right towards the fast elevator. The five got in and outran the bodyguards just in time to close the elevator door and press a floor button.

Beep. Studio music came on as very awkward waiting was going on. Ding! The five sprinted out the door. John again led the herd. He instructed, “Take a left, then a right, and the ships we went into should be there!”

Everyone listened to John, and before they knew it, they were at the entrance. The only problem: the boats were destroyed. Simple, John thought, they just had to swim up.

“How are we gonna get up there?”

“We swim. The base is about 100 feet below ground. Just swim up as quickly as you can and we can make it within 40 seconds.”

“Let’s go!” Jack yelled.

All five swam into the water. Some, like Karen, naturally floated up. On the other hand, Harry needed a boost before flying up again. John, Jack, and Trisha just pushed up and up. As their lungs were about to cry, they finally found, not land, but the ocean.  The sun was setting, and the five were getting tired. Karen thought. The sun sets to the west, and rises to the east. She realized that they needed to swim opposite to the sun, and fast before night fell.

Karen screamed, “Go to the east, or away from the sun! GO!”

Jack realized how much time they had left. “Well, eight minutes till the building explodes, so, yeah, close to about 400 to 700 yards in about 8 minutes will do. Keep your paces, guys.”

They all swam towards the east. After swimming for eight minutes, they heard a big bubbling sound about 600 feet away from them.

“Well, no pressure, folks.”

It took an hour before the five touched land. But once they did, they figured that they were not at San Francisco anymore.

Chapter 28

Chapter 27

Everyone sprinted towards the vault. The door opened by default. In there was Gerald Varness, and his bodyguards.

“Good try doing ‘espionage.’ Thanks to you, we have all the remaining shards at our hands! And sold for good money!”

Then John looked to the left of the room. He saw a swinging knife that was across the roof. Below the knife was Harry.

“Now, if you won’t fight for the shards, I won’t kill Harry and give you back his memory. But if you do try to disobey, one button, and the knife goes straight on his head.”

John gritted his teeth. He had to think through. He looked around Varness. He looked for the remote that would control the knife. He spotted the remote underneath his feet. The green button was the memory button and the red was the knife button, he thought. He dove. He dove for what he was fighting for. The shards didn’t matter anymore. Even killing Gerald didn’t matter to him. All he wanted was his family, whatever the cost.

He realized the cost straight after he got the remote.

The body guards captured and shot all the reinforcements with their guns. He watched them fall to the ground, blood like a waterfall through the room. All that was left was Harry, John, Karen, Jack, and Trisha. As john pressed the green button, Harry woke up and sprinted towards Varness, and knocked him out.

“There goes your opportunity to kill me,” Harry taunts.

John and Karen felt overjoyed that he was alive. But the loud speakers turned on.

“Hah, the hero play is for nothing! The building is on self destruct! You only have fifteen minutes!”

Chapter 27

Chapter 26

John, Jack, Trisha, and Karen were all very angry. They used this anger to propel themselves to the end. The final challenge was waiting. They were too impatient to wait. The fourth challenge proved to be an ordeal, but they made it through.

“The last challenge features a box. Open it, and you will succeed,” said the voice from the loudspeaker.”

The door opened. There were keys everywhere.

“How are we supposed to guess all the keys?”

“Worse, look at the board! It says we only have forty minutes.”

“But there’s a clue! It has a star; look at the hole!”

The hole was shaped like a five pointed star.”

After ten minutes, there were fifty keys left. The only problem was, the keys were hard to put in. So, they looked for another clue.

“Look at the outer areas of the box! It’s a shade of purple!”

“Then the key must be purple!”

After ten minutes passed by, there were five keys left. The keys were tried.

Trisha pushed the first key. It didn’t fit. Nor did the second or third. But the fourth fit just right. It took effort to turn the key. In the end, it fit perfectly.

Chapter 26