What Does Smart Really Mean?

The problem with equality in the world is always diversity. With diversity, there will be differences in appearance, actions, one of the most important, intelligence. The question is, what is real intelligence? Is it knowing the most out of everyone? Or is it the quickest learner?

The intelligence that most people really think about when they talk about intelligence and smarts are if they know something or they don’t. It makes sense because the smartest people have good grades and they get good grades because they know stuff. Right? The only thing is that some people are smart, not naturally, but from experience and that lightbulb after 23 years of age. Adding, if there was a definition of smart, then there should be a line saying what you need to be smart. There is no such thing. We need a definition that can fit the requirements well.

Maybe we have been thinking that intelligence is all about what you know when really, it should be how you learn it in the first place. This definition of smart is to be a quick learner. This kind of makes sense because being a quick learner means you can learn things quickly, which in turn allows you to process more information, and let you know more. This describes more because it helps make a bigger conclusion in the end.

Intelligence is the key to jobs and life, which means it’s important everywhere in life. If we can find real intelligence someday, maybe we won’t have to go to school and instead just get some vaccines and your school days are over. But being a quick learner is sublime too.

What Does Smart Really Mean?

Space: A Poem

It’s night as I lay down

On the soft snow

The lights I see

are forever beautiful

I stared at the empty space

What is really in

Those nothings


I don’t even know

What nothingness is

Because nothing is nothing

But is it nothing

Or is it space?

What is space

And what is nothingness?


If you were to zoom in to nothingness

What would you see?


Or something sinister or secretive?

Maybe a secret to life?

Or just space?

What will we learn from space

The real final frontier?

Space: A Poem

City Walk: A Poem

I check my apartment door

To see if it’s locked

I walk down the stairs

And see the busy docks


Seeing the cars roar by me

The loud noise of the buildings beside me

Calling for an Uber taxi

Riding in the Toyota back seat


The buildings are mountains waiting to be climbed

whether by elevator or stair

Then I see the city’s Mount Everest

I gape my mouth and stare there


It’s a wonderful world in the city,

Like no other experience ever

No words can describe what you see

I’ll remember this forever.

City Walk: A Poem

What is Reality?

We may all be living our lives normally, or is this just a dream from our other self? This is the question asked by many, and the answer is hard to find. Could we actually prove that our lives are fake and we live some other life after we die? (Note: this essay is not saying anything about which religion is right or wrong. This is only to see through theories and compare.)

First, to disprove the fact of the “life is a dream” theory, when we die, even if we did go and wake up to a new life, Wouldn’t the new you remember what he/she dreamed about? This theory would be false that way because no one has seen such long and lengthy dreams in the world. This theory would be false unless our new selves live as different being that humans don’t know about, or some alternate universe, which goes straight into proving the “life is a dream” theory.

Like I said before, this theory could be proved in other ways too. First, our new selves might not be a human. It could be an alien or an animal with a short-term memory span. Or it might be in some alternate universe, where each night, you dream a new life and you didn’t remember your dreams. Even if you doubt, it is still possible. We don’t know who’s out there, so anything can happen.

Yes, we may be living our lives normally and peacefully, but what is the reality? Is it this life, or some life beyond this life? We can only know the answer after we die, which I bet we all hope doesn’t come soon.

What is Reality?

Time: A Poem

People don’t realize

What time is.

It’s a dimension by itself,

It’s a intensifier,

It decides what’s important.


But what people do realize

Time is important.

Time kills all.

Time is the enemy.

Time is all-powerful.

We are powerless against it.

Why don’t we fight it?


Why worry about the oldest dictators

or the oldest monsters

or the oldest terrorists

when time will slay them all?

We know what a computer is,

We know how to make a really small microprocessor.

We don’t know how to beat time.


Is time a killer?

Or what makes life valuable?

What is life without an expiration date,

What is life without death,

What is life without time?


Time may be a slaughter house

But it is also motivation.

To do things you won’t regret.

To do things that you remember forever.

Time is the thing that powers the universe.




Time: A Poem

The Simplified Version of the History of the World

The world is a fine place. It’s the only planet we know of that has life containing it. But listing the history of the world would take way too long and would take forever. So, here is the (very) simplified version of the Earth.

The Earth was created by a molten planet of lava 4.5 billion years ago. It is orbiting the newly born Sun. 23 million years later, the planet Theia crashes with Earth and the aftermath is a new Earth and the Moon. Over time the Earth cools down and creates a crust layer or the outer layer of the earth.

The first cells came about 4 billion years ago. The cells were usually single-celled and did not have a nucleus. This was abiogenesis or the first evolution of life. 800 million years after the first cells, some cells adapted to perform photosynthesis. The cells used water, carbon dioxide, and radiant energy/the sun’s energy to create a sugar called glucose and oxygen.

Now we go back just 2.3 billion years ago. After a bunch of photosynthesis performs, the Earth is filled with oxygen. It also is a theory that the earth was a “snowball Earth,” or an Earth completely frozen. A few hundred millions years later, the first cells with nuclei are created. More years pass. Now, cells combine to create multicellular life. They work to create a smarter organism. Animals are alive near about 800 million years ago. 300 million years later, the Cambrian Explosion takes place and lots of new animals are formed.

Now, we are up to about 400 years ago. Now, there are plants on land after the ozone layer is created to avoid the sun’s deadly heat. 20 million years later, the first animals on land are formed. As we zoom in towards 250 million years ago, we have the first mammals and the creation of the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs go extinct about 185 million years later. When we zoom into 2 million years ago, we have the first humans and as time passes to about 200 thousand years ago, where we (homo sapiens sapiens) are created.

The Earth’s history is long but interesting. It is important to know the history of the Earth, even when it is simplified.


The Simplified Version of the History of the World

Portraits: A Poem

When I see myself I see portraits

Of myself, my friends, and memories.

Sometimes painted for joy,

Others for pain,

Others for pride,

Others for the name,

All my choices go on this wall

Even when I fall,

The portraits are still intact.

But once the last portraits are lost

No one can see me.

Why must these portraits live

Longer than I am?

Longer than my soul?

Longer than the museum of portraits?

I don’t see what others think of me

When I breathe my final breath.

I needed to make my own portrait,

My own memoir.

I saw my call.

I took action.

As I walked, a portrait started

I walked and dove in front of a frightened child.

I saw my killer, as the artist developed.

The child ran away.

And I fell, as the artist finished.

My final portrait hung on the top

Of the museum walls.

Even though one person visits my portraits

I am happy.

I know that someone thinks of me.

I know that someone cares.

I know someone will keep my portraits alive

For a long time.



Portraits: A Poem