Pool: A Poem

Through a fiery sun,

A sweaty, awkward day.

Can’t stop sweating and wiping

my sweat on my clothes.

So let us jump in to

a refreshing area.

A place of play

and soothing from the sun.

Feeling the shear relaxation

and joy in the water.

We splash each other,

we get wet with water guns,

we are quenched from the most

ridiculous, humid, burning sun.

Enjoy relaxation and the

water in the pool.

Pool: A Poem

Breeze: A Poem

Through the air of emptiness,

feeling the coolness from your face,

Your hair flies in the air,

The air whistles with delight.


The trees are waving,

clouds above your head.

They can’t wait to meet you,

They bring their greetings with air.


No restrain for the wind to blow,

No reason to howl.

All it cares is for carrying,

carrying the world along.


The wind blows to remind us,

it blows for us to stay aware,

The breeze will whistle,

whistle with delight.

Breeze: A Poem

Spring: A Poem

The blades of ice have melted,

The snow has gone away.

The weather’s gotten warmer,

say the flowers here today.


Rain or shine have taken over,

no more snow or leaves falling over.

Time for a change, said the

skies and the sun, for they,

wanted a joyful season.


Colors of the trees become a variety,

such a value to our eyes to see,

Spring is the season for colors and surprise.

Spring has sprung.

Spring: A Poem

Winter: A Poem

Darkness overflows the skies,

daytime seems to fly by.

The cold, frosty, arctic weather

has frostbitten the living, like

a vampire out for blood.


Snow falls and twinkles.

Floating like foam through

the skies. The icy blades are sheathed,

from their arctic scabbards.

It starts from the longest night.


But joy is to come for cold.

Sledding down a mountainous hill,

hot cocoa for warmth from cold,

and Christmas, a time for jolly.

The night may fall longer than,

the day might rise, but still a

full-of-wonder season ever,

called Winter.

Winter: A Poem

Autumn: A Poem

The fallen have arrived.

Leaves are different shade of red

and orange, like amber.

The damage has been done

to nature who have suffered

so much heat. It is time

to cool down, in preparation

for when the longest night falls.


But with the winter comes

beauty of the amber leaves,

The sunset spectacles across the globe,

The laid-back attitude of the season.

No more burnings and torchings

from the sun.

A dazzling fall begins before

the longest night of winter.

Autumn: A Poem

Summer: A Poem

Blistering, burning, broad.

The sun torches through a hot day.

The sweet, cold popsicles melting.

What used to be flowers,

are now crisp leaves.


The breeze is like a priceless experience.

Grilling steak by the backyard,

block parties and yard parties galore,

licking ice cream in blazing weather.

Outdoor activities are truly hot.


Refreshing days in the pool,

Independence day with fireworks,

Cold drinks that quench,

sky high temperatures,

this is summer.

Summer: A Poem

Cloud: A Poem

Flying through the sky,

Careless, carefree, floating, fluffy.

In a world of blue and above,

white is a free, light color.


We may not touch but

we know it is there in the skies.

The endless blue follows up with

White. Soaring as is goes, up, up,



As the rain rises up,

the blue turns to white.

A clear transformation has

shaped the skies of today.

Up the rain goes. Up the clouds gather.




Cloud: A Poem