What Benefits Does Traveling Give You?

Travels to unknowns places have one thing in common: the element of surprise. You might be surprised at the landscape, culture, and other facts about the country that might interest you. What are the benefits of travel?

One obvious element is getting to know different cultures. Being around different cultures teaches you to respect different cultures and other people for who they are. It is great to see different ways of life and it lets you know that the world is a big place. Even traveling to a different part of a country opens that up to you.

A very breathtaking part of travel and trips around the Earth is also the scenery. the scenery around an unknown place sometimes feels mysterious, jaw-dropping, and even sometimes still and chilling. Differences in natural plant life, animal life, water formations, rock formations, and even architecture can help diversify your mind further and further.

Travel is a kind of mind massage. It helps us expand through the waterfall of relaxation and calms us and benefits us in the long run. So, the next time you go somewhere, expand your mind. Let yourself become open to the world around you. Don’t let the world revolve around you. Let your brain revolve around the world.

What Benefits Does Traveling Give You?

Why Employment Matters to Countries

Some times you will hear on the news about unemployment rates and what leaders will do to help these issues. But why does employment matter so much except for peoples’ needs being filled and happier citizens? It all starts in the system of government.

Usually a government doesn’t make money by literally making money, which could cause problems like deflation. The governments around the world today get their money using a well-known nuisance for you: taxes. Some governments adjust their tax rate or who to tax more, but it’s known that governments need the money from their citizens.

So why does employment matter in taxes? The more people that are working and have stable jobs means that the government will earn more money. This is because they will have to pay a bigger amount compared to not having a job, even though the tax rate may be the same. The more people working, the more money that the government has. Actually, in some countries, the people who earn more money are given a higher tax rate, giving the governments more money now.

If you are thinking about why you can’t just make your own money, it is because of deflation. If this truly happened prices for every single good would increase. This is because of the fact that money is a limited resource. This means that putting more money into the supply means that the people can now get more money and this means that cheap products like milk and ramen noodles will be on high demand because it looks like a bargain for how much money you have. As one person on a Youtube video I once watched said, “if money grew on trees, they would be as worthless as leaves.”

This concludes why employment matters for governments, how governments earn money, and why making it rain isn’t as good as it sounds. And all we used was a little Government 101 and Economics 101! Not that hard, actually!

Why Employment Matters to Countries

What Makes a Basketball Player Great?

A basketball player has many traits that make him/her good at the sport. There are many ways to succeed in the game and many different paths to become a great player and a star of the team.

Most players in professional basketball today have some athleticism. Usually this means strength or speed or physical gifts. Even just parts of your body could be classified as athleticism. This trait is useful to help all skills. Long arms can help defensive skills, strength can help your game all around.  But even so, most basketball players are usually athletic in height anyway.

Although athleticism is important, it is not the only thing you need to shine in basketball. Knowing what to do with the ball in your hands is important too. Skills such as shooting, dribbling, passing are fundamental and needed to become a good player. In truth, you do not need the best range so you can make a 3-point shot. There are other ways that may be easier to become a better player. In today’s game though, 3-point shooters space the floor, making it useful for the team. But that is not the only way to succeed.

Michael Jordan once said that offense wins games but defense wins championships. Defense can prove very helpful against the players with an arsenal of ways to destroy you. Defense can include vision, predicting your opponents moves, and stopping those moves. Stop an opponent on defense, and it frustrates them.

To conclude, here are some playing traits that the professionals have that make them great basketball players. These include defense, using the ball, and athleticism. Having these skills can help you become a great player in the game of basketball.

What Makes a Basketball Player Great?

Dual Citizenship

It is definitely strange being a dual citizen because sometimes countries will make you choose and some accept it. Being a dual citizen my self, it definitely is strange because it put me in an awkward place. I can live in the country where I was born in or live in the place my bloodline starts. Should countries accept dual citizenship? I think so. What is holding back developed countries to not accept dual citizenship to at least the country’s allies? It would make sense, too, due to the ever-expanding world and a chance to diversify your population. I understand that being a dual citizen of North Korea and the United States would seem suspicious as of 2018, but this world is changing. Year by year the world seems smaller and smaller due to the technology growths around the world. It feels natural to be suspicious of one another but we can build protocols to stop spies and terrorists from sneaking into other countries. Plus, dual citizenship was made on the facts that you can be loyal to two different countries. Other people may see dual citizenship as a threat to let in more terrorists and spies, but I think it can connect the world much more than singular citizenship can.

Dual Citizenship

Sumnations in Math

To the people making formulas for different topics, some resort to sumnations. Sumnations are defined as a sum of a pattern of numbers. What can we use sumnations for?

What does a sumnation look like? The general form for sumnations in called sigma notation. It looks like:

E(n, k=s) (sequence formula)

First the number k represents the first term you will add, or basically the starting point. N represents the last term added to the list. K and n must be natural numbers. the sequence formula represents how to generate the sequence and where the numbers are coming from. For example:

E(15, k=0) 2k

Now the first thing you have to notice is that this is an arithmetic sequence. Arithmetic sequences have a common difference or a slope, if you represent this as a linear equation. To calculate the sum of an arithmetic series, or a part of a sequence, here is the formula:

S= ((n+1-k)/2)(kth term + nth term)

So substitute the numbers:

S = ((15+1)/2)(0+30) = 8(30) = 240

So what are sumnations useful for? They are not only just a system solving for sums of patterns but also to solve for chances and odds. Like if in tennis you’re stuck at deuce and if the chances of you scoring is 60/40, what are the odds of winning? Using sumnations, the problem may become easier than trying to solve the problem without sumnations. You could also find out how many people visited your market this week if the visitors increased exponentially day by day.

Sumnations can be very useful in math and in real life as well. Now you know what a sumnation is and what it looks like and how to solve arithmetic series’. We also know the real-life  purpose of sumnations. Sumtimes it’s best to find the nation in sumnation.

Sumnations in Math

Trip To Korea Days 1-3

After a very grueling ordeal with flights lasting 15 hours, I stepped foot on a beautiful country. Luckily for me, my baggage claim lasted quickly. The automatic doors open and I see my grandparents. We greeted each other and decided where to eat dinner. Unfortunately, all the restaurants were closed at the airports so we settled for ice cream. We slept at midnight.

Day 2

The next day I woke up early at 5 am. I ate cereal and yogurt for breakfast. I played video games on my phone for a bit then went to the community sauna. The thing that is definitely different from Korea and America is the privacy given to each person. I America, people respect privacy when naked while in Korea, not many people care if you are naked in a sauna. They just ignore the fact. So after I take a minor shower, I go into a hot tub to relax muscles and the cold water tub to relax and reduce soreness. For lunch we had shabushabu, or beef cooked in boiling broth. there was also a buffet. The flavor was savory and the meat was light. After studying a bit, I grew tired and fell asleep at 5 pm.

Day 3

I woke up way too early probably because of jet lag and my early doze off. I tried to fall back asleep but I could not do that unless I wanted my head to throb in pain. So I studied to ease my boredom. My grandparents woke up at 5 and were surprised to hear I woke up at 2. As an early exercise we went out to play basketball and soccer in the community basketball court. Another note that it is deathly hot in Korea. After going to the sauna, I ate the same breakfast as yesterday. We went to my grandfather’s Starbucks, to check out his cool building and to get some coffee along the way. We ate noodles for lunch and Noodles Tree. The noodles were definitely  delicious and I couldn’t wait to go again.

Trip To Korea Days 1-3

Speed Running Video Games

The fun part of playing video games is experiencing every single part of the game. It’s about the story, the journey, and the road to beat the game. But some don’t want a story. For some, it’s a race. A race to complete their favorite game. This is speed running.

Speed running is basically what it sounds like: beating a game as fast as you can. But the game you want to speed run has to have a beginning and an end. Likewise, you cannot speed run Subway Surfers because there is no end to the game. You cannot “beat” Subway Surfers because you try to beat high scores, and you can go as high as you want. Games that are speed running games are like Super Mario Bros and Pokémon games that have beginnings and ends.

Now, what kinds of strategies go into these speed runs? Now, it first seems that there is not much strategies in these speed runs. Just follow the game, right? No. Speed runners have to figure out the fastest way to beat the game in a series of steps that gives them the best opportunity to save time. Even if the game is as old as Pokemon Red, the game still has strategies not found yet that could minimize time to help them reach the fastest speeds.

So, some people when playing video games want to play carefully to try to get the story. Some, however, want to make the video game a different kind of game: a race for the fastest. So, how do you play your game? Do you like to take it slow, or try to flash through as quick as you can? As video games are meant to do, you choose your  strategy.

Speed Running Video Games