Chapter 7

On the way there, everyone had much more hope and less fear and paranoia than our first attack, and even though we technically lost, we got some of our own super-soldiers and eliminated key parts of their forces. Now we were ready to surround the islands.

The general called the commander on Midway. “Hey, code two, code two. Get ready.”

The generals had decided that code one should mean wait, code two meant go, and code three meant retreat. And there was a last-case scenario code four that would mean surrender. But I was most hoping for code five, capture successful.

Everyone was hoping for code five.And once we got there, we fought hard to get that to happen. I wasn’t messing around.

I start off with the old evaporation proclamation, or so the general called it. I fire some bullets from my fire, and use my flame abilities to set fire to a boat. I activate the scope for my left eye. The Midway boat ad just started an invasion, and the snipers were activating. I had also practiced with my scope and knew where to put my hands to snipe them: right below the scope. I form a bullet in my pointer finger, place it right below tightly, so that my whole finger is touching the scope, and fired.

I don’t have time to see where the bullet lands. I keep the scope on my left eye. I start twirling in my flight form, the whirling flames are forming a fire whirl. It goes off to wreak havoc on the infrastructure around San Francisco. I fly towards the middle of the archipelago. I am very high up now. I can feel the oxygen difference. I activate my oxygen tank. I fire huge beams of heat at the islands below me. I see Tim near the right. He’s vaporizing those boats like it’s nothing. I let myself drop a few yards and get closer. I spot the director of this whole mess. It looked like he was pressing a button on his phone. I decide to flick some fire at that while I get closer. He doesn’t notice.

I hit the phone. He screams and curses as he runs inside a building as he holds his fingers, burning from the flames I had flicked at him. He deserved it, for he had lit a fire in me even when I couldn’t use my fire while under his control.

The battle was nearly over. They retreated and it looked like they were heading towards Alaska. Time to take a break for the next three to four months, I thought. There weren’t many casualties proportional to our army size. Only a thousand had hurt themselves. Only twenty were really severely injured. I didn’t look at them. Not only did it look disgusting, but I had blamed myself for siding with the enemy for a while.

I kept myself in check. I knew I was on the right side now.

Chapter 7

Chapter 6

The general looked at the scene that happened. “It was an assault, wasn’t it?”

“Yeah, it was. They went to attack us but we were able to burn the boat. The two guys in the boat swam away.”

It was clear that we needed to plan an attack and fast. Once we got back to California, we immediately went in the conference room and planned the next attack. First thing, the attack was to bring Midway, California, and some rebellion from Alaska to surround the Hawaiian archipelago and San Francisco. Afterwards, the next plan was probably to make a sea invasion of Alaska in the later months, where it may be warmer and more comfortable for battle.

The battle was to be set on December 12, 2020. I looked at the general when he said the date. Had that much time really gone by when I had this huge odyssey around the Pacific? Nah, I shouldn’t think that. I should be glad to be back here, I told myself. It still bothered me.

I kept practicing. I kept in top physical shape, beefed up my muscles a bit, and helped create more combo moves, like the general called it, the evaporation proclamation, where I evaporate Tim into a gas and he turns himself back into himself, letting him fall quicker, then turning back into water again. It could be useful for a combo attack, when I want to sink a ship and flame a guy at the same time.

Speaking of my fire beam, I’ve tried to make it faster and maybe periodical to make it more like a bullet. The funny thing is, the bullet a lot faster than my fireballs and is a lot hotter. We tried it against metal shields, and it just burned crisp through.I also tried just limiting it to more of a fire laser and it worked, just it’s a bit slower than the fire bullet.

I also tried flying with my better body and I was able to stay stable even on one arm, meaning that I could fire a bullet while in the air without dropping a few feet.

By that time everyone was just waiting to get it over with. The last night went and gone, and it was go time.

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

Midway Island

The ship had detached thousands of people on to this tiny island. It felt like I was back on, what was it called again, oh yeah, Hilde Island.

Tim and I decided to go back to California to see what we could do next and decide when to plan the next attack. Mainly the supersoldiers we captured stayed behind. They also brought a few ships around the island, just in case there needed to be more room.

As we were sailing south to try and stay away from Hawaii as best as we could we did try and test out new tricks out on the ocean. Instead of turning fast to create a fire whirl, I turned slowly to create a cool fire spiral instead. Tim tried riding a wave to get up and jump onto a ship and transform into the water to morph it into the water. Our super soldier friend decided to try using these moves to make their bullets change course or increase their momentum.+

All of a sudden, we hear random gunshots and it wasn’t from the supersoldier. The supersoldier grabs his sniper and looks through his scope.

“It looks like a wooden boat, sir.”

I looked at the scope. There were also two men in the boat. “Let’s move closer and see more.”

Someone hands me a handheld telescope. The boat seemed to be loading guns, and it looked to be aiming at us.

“Get down!” I screamed.

Gunshots fired. We could hear the cracks and we could hear the whizzing of the bullets right above our boat.

I start loading my fire beam. The bullets are still whizzing by me. The beam is charged, and it unloads. The boat burns. I hope they stop firing. They don’t. I fly up and fire a fireball. It hits, burning the boat to a crisp.

Our ship gets closer, but they had enough time to swim for a while, so they are gone.

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

The commanders and generals appeared at an instant after the practice. Before I went off into the conference room, I thought about how I might want to be a general of the military.

“OK, so what’s the plan?” Tim asked.

The general pulled out a printed map from a satellite from just a few days ago. It showed the islands of Hawaii and San Francisco on one half, and on the other half was Alaska.

“So Canada isn’t allowing us to pass through their land to get to Alaska, which means we’re attacking by sea,” the general said, as he pulled his pointer out.

I saw some troops on my side. I dragged them towards Alaska. “Wouldn’t it make more sense to try and capture Alaska first? After all, it is bigger and we can make camp at islands.”

The general said, “I like your suggestion.” He looked at the calendar. ” But Ryan, it’s December. It will work towards their advantage since they are more experienced in colder climates.”

I frowned. He was right. But where were we going to invade next? We could try Hawaii, but that’s what they were expecting. I thought of history class as I was thinking of a solution. The British in the American Revolution. They lost because their nearest supply drop was on the other side of the world. We needed to camp out somewhere at least closer than California to face Hawaii.

I looked at the map. Midway. That was the island closest to Hawaii, and if they wanted to attack us, then we could easily destroy them with our high powered numbers in our army.

“Why don’t we camp out at Midway and maybe in the meantime think of a two-pronged attack we can try?”

The general smiled. “Well, you heard the man. Call our ambassador down there and tell him that we might want to fit a few thousand people on Midway.” He turned back at me. “So what about this other prong you speak of?”

“We could just do what we did earlier. Ship out to Hawaii from California. If we just do that, the islands are completely surrounded.”

The general looked at me closely. “You would make a good general in the military, you know that?”

“No one’s ever told me that, sir.”

“Hey. Don’t call me sir. Just call me as if you were my fellow general now. You look and act the part. Just giving you something to think about, maybe after this war.”

I walked out of the room thinking more about what comes next. What would come after this war? Was it the first of many or the first and last?

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

I hope I gave those poor soldiers hope. Honestly, it took a lot of guts to try new things. And as we were going back, I was more eager to try more things with my powers.

But truly speaking, the soldiers were now a bit more assured that their side had more firepower on their side now that they had more super-soldiers. The only problem was that there were truly too many of them. 2000 to capture is too much for one run. I was only able to capture and take out six of them, while Tim was only destroying some of their boats.

Just too much to handle for a few battles. And we all knew how expensive it was for even just a few battles. And we weren’t talking about the money cost.

So I had time to sit down and think. Where should we go to have a massive attack? Should we consider the nuke option? What were the choices to this concerning issue?

Too many variables, I thought to myself as I walked into the training room. Tim also asked if he wanted to train with him. I accepted, of course.

The duo of heat and water is a confusing combo. But I’ve found a cool way to try and mix it up. Since Tim can’t feel anything when he’s in the form of water, what if I turn him into water vapor? He could fly and, once he’s cooled down, he can let it rain. And it’s going to be a lot less suspicious than a water puddle creeping towards a boat. I also practiced my “fire whirls,” as the general called it. He also wants me to improve my balance in the meantime. And the super soldiers can use the fire whirls to bend their bullets around and send them at even quicker velocities.


Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Honolulu, HI

Out to war we go.

I fly up in the air and as I see the building on top, I immediately form a fireball and force it towards the building. My hands are stiff, and a beam of pure fire appears. I look at myself. Wow, that sure was impressive. I had never done that before.

Tim, as I know, is invisible because, you know, sea, but he travels and takes mutates the boats to water, and the enemies frantically flail as they were in the grasp of the ocean itself.

I fly towards a building. I also do something I’ve never done before there as well. One of my friends were sending machine gun fire at me from close range. In instincts, my hands stick out and burn, and I close my eyes. I keep hearing the gunshots, but I can’t feel a thing.

I open my eyes. I had formed a literal firewall to protect my self. He runs out of ammo, and I knock him unconscious using the old laser beam trick. I pull out the needle near the neck, and blood gushes out. I grab him and get him inside the ship.

By now, I realized that my powers were far from perfect. I needed to learn more techniques, and sure enough, one last really cool trick I learned.

I was surrounded for a while,and the director told me to put my hands up.

He came closer. “Put. Your. Hands. UP!”

I did, but not without performing a cool new trick.

I started to twirl, and what formed was a huge fire cylinder around me. I’m shielded, but, it quickly whirls away. More machine gun shots. I form another one, this time, my hands down,and I fly while creating a massive tornado of pure heat. I let go of letting the fire lift me, and I fall a bit. After being dizzy for a while, I find myself back at my base.

The general saw me crash-land onto his ship. “Hey, Napalm, nice burnin’ out there. And I think we’ve got some new soldiers to help us fight.”

Chapter 2

Finale at Sea: Chapter 1

Oakland, CA

I wake up to the sound of the alarm clock. Positioned at the bay, many of the people who waked up with me, were very troubled. They were in shock, if you could say. It was a weird moment for me.

I was also quite nervous on what my friends could do to me as well as Tim. But he can transform to water, so I don’t think that it’s going to be much of a problem, because he was trained to withstand paint-balls to the face without even a scratch on him, so he’ll be fine.

Everyone on the reserves were tightly packed and crossed their fingers that they would not be the ones so-called, “condemned to death.” That’s what they felt like.

Some were willing however, and I took to the skies and launched a huge ball of fire towards the area we were going to. They saw it and the flag was set up to launch. We hoped that we were going to be okay.

The reserves that were not willing to go were about to break down now. They shivered on sight and couldn’t bear even one word of anything related to the battle.

This was war. I had to do whatever it took to take down the rebellion down to the core. If I could eliminate the director and knock some of my friends unconscious, maybe, just maybe, we could sway this war towards our favor.

As they say, Tim and I were, according to the commander, willing and able. I was sure we were both willing. I was not sure sure I was able or not. The further we went into the ocean, the more I thought about what I had said. I got in my own head now. I hoped, just hoped, that I could take them down. And I hoped that those brave soldiers would help us take them down.

Finale at Sea: Chapter 1