Chapter 2

It was a thirty-minute drive to the JFK airport. They would get their tickets to Lisbon, then they would have a quick fly to Madrid. It also made them unpredictable against the guards.

After packing, they started the drive at 10:15 in heavy traffic. It took them a while, but at 11 they had made it to JFK Airport. Now, all they had to do was get their tickets and be off.

Karen asked the ticket man, “Can we have two tickets to Lisbon?” She added, “One way, I mean.”

The man said, “720 dollars, please.”

Karen handed the man a thousand dollar bill.

“Here is your change.”

“Thank you.”

After going through giving the baggage and security, they had made it in time for lunch, then off. They bought a burger and sushi before leaving for Lisbon.

John was pretty nervous about the trip, even though he was the one who set it up in the first place. He was absolutely sure that the men in blue suits would find them. But luck was on their side. No sign of anyone in blue suits.

Until a a man in a blue suit showed up. But he looked different. He had a cap on and he was wearing short pants.

“If he has the nerve,” John muttered, “I won’t lose myself. I can’t let anyone die here.

Chapter 2

Chapter 1

New York, NY

Karen Smith was pretty shocked when she realized her father died.

Karen’s older brother John had heard the news first. When she read the email she couldn’t believe it at first until she saw the photo.

Harry was lying there, motionless, blood stained on the carpet, and worst of all, the gunshot wound looked absolutely disturbing. It made her go to the bathroom and throw up, but it wouldn’t come out. She burst into tears.

John was shedding tears too, but couldn’t help himself wonder, how could they?

Today was Harry’s funeral day, but he just couldn’t come. He had to ask Karen to literally carry him to the driver’s seat of his Honda.

But when they got there, they saw the cemetery was infested with guards in blue tuxedos with “sunglasses” on.


“We better make our way in, say our prayers to Dad, and get out,” Karen added.

They walked over to the grave. The chairs were all set and ready in rows, with the gap in the middle for the walkway. Just seeing it made them cry. John squeezed his way to the second row, while Karen sat in the front row, ready to walk and speak.

“We would like to say thanks for the way he took care of us, and everyone who knew him knew he was a great man…” Karen went on and on until the guards left.

When it was over, they put their hoods on and darted towards the car.

“If our assumptions are correct, we know that they’re the ones who killed Dad!

“We only have one choice now though,” John replied. “We must get tickets to Madrid.”

“The backup?” she asked.

“Yep, the backup, our only way our of this mess,” John replied. “There’s no other way we can win for now.”



Chapter 1

The Last Ones: Prologue

Harry Smith had changed his plans of choice before choosing.

His conscience had said, “No! You can’t be kidding!”

But this was the only way of winning and surviving in front of his enemies, what ever it took. The world is cruel sometimes, he thought, as he waited for his enemies to come. He thought of the days with his son and daughter. They must be safe. He was the one who was being selfish for the last month, and now it was time to give it back.

He watched the window. The thunder was rolling around. For one second, he thought he would be all right. He would get back and tell his kids the story. He could- right?


Nope. Too late now.

The door opened in their jail cell.

The man in the blue suit said, “What do you choose?”

“I choose to die.”


“You heard me, shoot me! I would rather die than come to your service.”

Time slowed down.

Harry quickly stole the gun and pointed it directly at them. “You are very bad at this game, now aren’t you?”

“No, we aren’t, but, you are also bad at this game.” The man in the blue suit grabbed his gun.


Harry Smith was dead, on the floor, no one to help. His last words were said: “Tell them…”



The Last Ones: Prologue

Where Mathematics Takes You

Everyday math makes us who we are. There is at least one thing that pops up that has numbers, whether it is work, money, or just numbers. But where can math take you? Would math give you a better job than it would right now? Let’s explore.

We break down math in many ways, whether it is for statistics, calculus, economics, physics, or anything that is associated with math. Being a statistician means that you create stats. This can be important in many ways, like trying to survey the whole country on whether the president is doing a good job so far. When you know calculus, they really know a lot. They make complicated theories and try to understand the world today.

However, being an economist is being an all-around maestro. You need to know statistics, have a good understanding of people and have a willingness to research how they do things. For a physicist, their formulas are math-based, which is important that they know math and know how to devise formulas. Many of these jobs are great jobs and can earn you some good money. Math is pretty good at making jobs in the market.

Now, to the future jobs of the world. Many new jobs that people didn’t have to do before has S.T.E.M. in them, or science, technology, engineering, and math. These future jobs have potential in them and have lots of money packed in them. Now, math can help us make even more job with the help of its counterparts.

Math is all around us, whether it’s on our jobs, when we pay at McDonald’s, and when we just like to say one million, three hundred sixty-three thousand, four hundred fifteen out loud. All around us, we know math is right with us, waiting to pop up in your life at any moment.

Where Mathematics Takes You


Every day now it seems that the days are getting shorter. When I see the nice sight of a big mountain out of my window, the trees seem to be differing in shade. I keep looking out. Each day outside, I keep squinting my eyes, waiting for the nice difference in brightness inside.

I love summer. The hot air and the beaches are always the reason I love the summer. That water over the coast is where I’m meant to be for the summer. But sometime, the hot air going to leave. Nature is not going to let the lands of Florida or Texas stay like a furnace for too long. After all, when there is a protagonist of something, there is always an antagonist, wanting to creep in.

But sometimes the change is good. It almost feels like I don’t have to  move for change. As every day passes, the closer we get to my birthday in the harsh winter. But I wasn’t going to let winter get in my way. My favorite sports are mainly sports that you play in the summer. But we usually compete in them in the winter. Such strange tactics in any summer sport, but it works. You play the sport for the whole year from then.

That darkness creeping through and ready to devour the daytime may not be the apocalypse or the revelation, but it surely is a change in your life. Maybe after some sun, we should celebrate what is called fall informally, but really autumn.


Solar Eclipses

Today–a day of all days, August 21, 2017, is America’s first sight at a solar eclipse since 1918! But for those who are wondering, “How can I watch the eclipse?” or “What is a solar eclipse?”, here are some facts you need to know for today’s eclipse.

A solar eclipse is when the moon overlaps the sun and so it causes a shadow and blocks its brightness. This year those of you Americans in the line from Oregon to South Carolina should see a total eclipse, when the moon completely blocks the sun’s shine. This will make it look like night for a few moments, then back to day. If you aren’t in those lines of areas, though, you may stick to seeing a partial eclipse, where you will see the moon partially blocking the sun.

The solar eclipse, like the bare sun, is not safe to look directly in the eye, which is the reason why we buy eclipse sunglasses and may DIY pinhole projectors. Eclipse glasses can be bought quickly online. But if you can’t, then make a pinhole projector. First, find a paper box, most preferably a cereal box, and find some paper. Trace the bottom of the box and cut it out. Put this strip of paper to the bottom of the box. Next, cut part of the box so that the lid splits the holes in the box in two. Next, grab aluminum foil and put it over one hole. Next, get a pin and jab one hole through the foil. Now, once the eclipse appears, take its light and face it towards the pinhole you created. You should see a part of a sun or a just a traced circle.

Today is a day that will go down in history in America. This solar eclipse may be once-in-a-lifetime for us Americans. Hopefully we all get to see this memory and make it good.

Solar Eclipses


In history, sometimes there wasn’t a place with Wi-Fi or a smartphone or Pac-Man. Sometimes there were different kinds of games they would play. But now in history is a time with Wi-Fi, smartphone, and, yes, Pac-Man for all you retro gamers. But what makes games so fun, and what is a game anyways?

Games are one of those words that are hard to explain. You could call it something you can play, but that is kind of vague. Merriam-Webster’s definition is “a physical or mental competition conducted according to rules with the participants in direct opposition to each other.” This does not fit other games that have no opponent, unlike Pokemon and Clash of Clans. says it is:

a competitive activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more   persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for    that of spectators.”

This is a more valid definition and clearly explains our games today.

But, like other games, how do they keep you playing? Well, sometimes it’s the story that keeps you in for more. You want to know what’s next in the main character’s story. Sometimes it’s in the innovative gameplay, like new ways to play games. Other times it’s the graphics. The artwork is a major way gaming companies can show off their skill at making beautiful characters and enhancing their real-life looks.

Many of the elders here know how history has told its story. Gaming was once only a dream. But history has made it its next chapter. And who knows what’s next is store for games?!