Chapter 22

As the boats maneuvered itself towards a cave, Trisha gave everyone their preferable weapons, as did John in the other boat. They were ready to invade.

The boats opened their hoods. Everyone got off the boat, as they followed each other towards a metal door.

“Ready to open the door?” asked Jack.

A creepy silence came over the room. Then the others said, “Ready!”

Jack slammed open the door. Everyone looked around. It was a dark room, with not much lighting, but the lighting was enough to see the door ahead. But, the silence was getting creepy. The group was tensing up.


A metal dagger luckily clashed with the metal armor and not the skin that a reinforcement was wearing. Split-second reactions took over, as Jack used his sling and Trisha swung her whip right at the spot it happened.


They both missed. Then they realized that the person doing it was throwing daggers. The group was now red-alert, knowing that a hit in the right place could knock out a person.

Jack turned on his flashlight. He saw a man in a blue suit, as they both jumped. He called out, “He’s right here!”

John swiftly ran and used his momentum to throw a major punch. The man was knocked out cold. John took his dagger and passed it to Karen for her to throw it if needed.

“Well, looks like you passed the first test. But there are many more you must pass to even make it close to uncovering our plan,” a voice said in a loudspeaker.

“Who are you?”

“I am Icarus, a reincarnation from the ashes. Just like a phoenix.”

Chapter 22

Chapter 21

The next day, reinforcements came to the boats. The thing was that only 5 people could fit in each bat, so reinforcements were not going to be in full effect. So, John, Jack, Karen, and Trisha and the six reinforcements boarded the boats and started the engines.

The boats were on auto-pilot to a place, but stopped suddenly near the door of an underwater facility, throwing the passengers forward.

“Apparently we need to type a passcode,” said Karen through the walkie-talkie.

“I have a clue here. There is a red dot and a blue dot, but the code is five color characters,” replied Jack.

“The clue here is a purple dot, a green dot, and a yellow dot. I also see a picture of both of our boats, but an arrow starting from our boat to yours. I don’t know what that means though,” Trisha responded.

Then John froze. He realized that the line meant the left clue was first, then the right clue. He typed the code: purple, green, yellow, red, blue.


“How did you know the passcode, John?” asked Karen.

“The magic of logic, Karen. The magic of logic.”

Jack intervened in, saying, “But let’s keep moving. We have to keep moving to get to the base quickly.”


Chapter 21

Chapter 20

“So, we have some data on where the base might be, so we think the base is somewhere near the coast of San Francisco,” John said. “We all have our certificates and credentials, so we’ll be able to go in. And, more exciting news: we have reinforcements coming with us!”

Trisha let out a sigh of relief. Karen and Jack whooped.

“But there is one problem: the base could be anywhere along the coast of San Francisco. That’s why we’re letting about two days go by for searching. Also, we have extra helpers for that too. That’s why the mission is so valuable. But enough talk, let’s get searching.”

So, the crew maneuvered down. They brought the walkie-talkies to help communicate with each other. Karen, Trisha, John, and Jack split into two groups. The four helpers branched off with one of the two groups.

“This is North group, coming in.”

“We got your message, North. Call us South group.”

Karen and Trisha searched the South side, searching for anything suspicious. Then they discovered a sci-fi-ish boat half-submerged in the sand.

“Wait, what is this? South group here, we found a weird, high-tech boat!” yelled Karen.

“We found one too,” replied Jack.

They glanced at each other from about a few hundred feet away. Jack and Karen could both see the boat clearly.

“South, should we go inside the boats?” asked John.

“Hold this up. Let’s call the police department, then see what we can do,” replied Karen.

The helpers were a wee bit confused, but they called the police department saying to cover the boat up with the yellow tape so they could go in the boats and see what was the secret in them.

Chapter 20

Chapter 19

John waited for Jack to return to the bathroom. Jack was always the person to go just before going somewhere. This made John, who had just been sitting in the hospital for an hour conscious, annoyed.

“Can’t you go when we get to the Chinese restaurant?”

“There aren’t any bathrooms there, I’m telling you. Just watch me, and I’ll be right.”

“Whatever you say,” John said as he sniggered a bit.

Jack was wrong.

“Hah, I told you,” John teased.

Jack’s face turned red as he said, “I’m telling you, this place used to have no bathroom!”

“Oh well, let’s get our fried rice and shrimp lo mein and eat. No hard feelings?”


“Okay, let’s order!”

John was really hungry after the trials as he ate a huge serving of fried rice. Jack ate his shrimp lo mein. He was a noodle guy, who loved ramen and chicken noodle soup.

As they finished their bowls, they grabbed a cup of water as the two walked out and went in a taxi to the airport.

“Well, we did not need to book another taxi. Put your stuff in.”

Trisha and Karen were back, and ready to hunt down the blue men.

Chapter 19

Chapter 18

All of a sudden, John woke up and found himself at a hospital bed.

Agent J said, “You have been unconscious for four hours. You have some persistence! We have told Jack about what happened. He is coming to visit you right now.”

Jack walked into the room, briskly coming towards him.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I feel fine. I think I might have tried to hard on one of the trials,” John chuckled. He felt fine. Just his hands were feeling sore.

Jack started to chuckle too. “Well, you ready for the final?”

“Tell me that any day.”

After a few more check-ups to see if he was ready to go on, he thought about how Trisha and Karen were doing. Jack came in the room.

“Yo, it’s your finals. It’s ready for you.”

“How are the others doing?”

“Just fine. They’re coming in to San Francisco, so we can invade the base. I JUST found out that we will have reinforcements coming in with us too.”

“That’s great!”

John had finished all of his questions on the quiz. He turned the test in to Agent J and waited twenty minutes till the result came in.

Agent J walked slowly and faced John.

“John Smith, you have scored a 93 on the final. On your two trials, you scored a 96. Your overall score is a 94, which is passing and qualifies you for the top 10% of passing license holders. In comparison to your friend Jack, you have scored 15 points higher than him on the trials and scored 7 points lower on the finals than him.  Overall, you two have an estimation of the same score. If there weren’t any rounding, you would beat him by a third of a point. Here is your license. When it expires, come back to San Francisco to take the trials and the finals again.”

“Thank you so much. I won’t put this chance in vain.”

Chapter 18

Chapter 17

“We completed our mission. We’re coming home.”

“Get to San Francisco. Our mission is taking a while. I’m waiting for John to complete his training. I heard it’s gonna take us a day to wait for the results to come in, so you have time to come.”

“Okay, we’re on our way.”

Karen knew the group was going to need their help. Trisha decided to book a plane towards San Francisco. Once that was all said and done, they returned their weapons and moved out towards Rome, where they booked their flight.


John kept whipping and punching the dummy, but it wouldn’t budge. But it didn’t hurt to try to the end. So he punched harder. He snapped harder. Then there was a crack. He pinpointed there and started to open it. It got bigger, and there was a note. It said:

You have completed the trial.

He stopped rushing. His heart rate slowed down as he calmed down. But it went way down. Too far. He collapsed.

Chapter 17

Chapter 16

John’s dad appeared as he opened the door. John was super confused.

Agent J said, “You must decide whether this man is real or not.”

John checked his body and slowly moved his hand towards Harry’s body.

“Wait! You cannot touch the body.”

Using logical deduction, if they didn’t want John touching him, then he concluded that Harry was a hologram or just an AI robot made like a human. So he immediately said, “No, this man is not real.”

He surprised himself saying that. Did he really just say that his father wasn’t real? He looked real enough, but then again, he wasn’t the best father at times. He remembered the time when his father wasn’t there for his wrestling meet where he was state champion in his division. He wasn’t even there to cheer him on for the national tournament, which he won as well. All his best memories were without his father in them, which made him less important to him than other things.

The second trial was up. There was a boxing glove and a whip. A dummy appeared.

“It’s beating time. You ready, John?” asked J.

“Just watch me dominate,” John said arrogantly.

Chapter 16