Chapter 8

San Francisco, CA

Tim looked back at the TV. He was watching the news station, as it was pulling up images of the robbery they pulled yesterday. They, “didn’t know who was responsible for the robbery.” Heh. He knew better.

Jennings called him over. She yelled, “It’s time to turn this back, Tim!”

He ran towards the director’s office. The director and Jennings were waiting there. Tim knew what he had to do. He jumped in to the container and turned into water. He surrounds the bomb.

He thinks of the shape of the bomb. The shape comes to his head. The weird feeling of the radioactive material comes to mind. The bomb starts to form, until it finally takes its final form.

The director claps his hands. He finishes clapping. He turns to Jennings. “Get ready to launch this immediately. Let’s get this war started.”

Tim walks away, confident that there’s no way it can go wrong now.

No way.

Chapter 8

Chapter 7

?????, California

Back to the daily grind. Wake up early, get the mints, do the ever-increasing in difficulty of target practice, and eat a good breakfast. Then eat the mints, do target practice, meal. Mints, target practice, meal. We kind of got the pattern by now. 

Today was different. The guards came in ten. They released us all into a target practice, but this time we had to work together to eliminate targets.

I activate my firepowers to knock out and burn targets. Surprisingly, the moving targets were all with holes in them. I look around. My friends fired the machine guns perfectly. Like their hand-eye coordination jump-started to the next level.

Targets kept appearing. This time, there was one big target. I throw a big fireball. The target burns, but fizzes out. Around me, rapid fire gunshots. They all barely put a dent in the target. 

“We got to combine our powers. Use your bullets to spiral around the fireball I fire.This way, it melts and makes a bigger dent.”

Everyone nodded.

I count down. “Three, two, one, FIRE!”

I throw my fireball pretty quickly. The bullets made three different spirals and they all expanded due to the warmth around the bullets. My fireball lands. The target burns. The bullets keep it hot. It starts to dent more.

“Keep firing!” I scream.

I rapidly keep firing my fireballs. They keep using the spiral trick until, finally, the target disintegrates.

“Finally,” I sigh.

I hear the groans and sighs of my other friends to the left and right of me. Let us have our meal now. The room’s lights start to turn blue, and my powers disappear. 

“We will bring you your group lunch very soon,” the guard said. “Please walk into the cafeteria outside.

We walked outside and followed the guards. The walkway’s ceiling was now rock. I see the light coming out through the exit. I look to my left. There it was, the Golden Gate Bridge. I knew where we were now. 

It was San Francisco, CA.

Chapter 7

Chapter 6

Army Base, New York

Tim had practiced transforming all kinds of objects over the past week, but this was bound to be difficult. He looked at the bomb and it looked like that transforming this would take twenty minutes. Nothing he transformed could compare to this.

Plus, he would have to carry with the water right over the asphalt, a great absorber of water, so he would have to surround it and get out fast. 

So he started. In the dark room, he sensed the radiation and surrounded the object with the highest sense. And so he pushed in. He put lots of pressure until the object finally mutated into water.

There was an air vent and he went in it, hoping that he wouldn’t loose the water. He got out through the outdoor air vent, where he heard a few gunshots.

He quickly traveled through the asphalt and got into the back of the trunk, where there was the big container. He dropped the water in the container and transformed back into his human form and sat in the back.

“Let’s get out of here, NOW!” he yelled at Jennings.

Jennings pushed the accelerator pedal and drifted towards the interstates. It was going to be a long trip back.

He had heard that his old buddy Ryan was in the practice room in California. He felt bad, but had to stay in accord with the mission. They would meet up soon. Not like they would be able to stop what would happen now.

Chapter 6

Chapter 5

?????, California

Before I truly came to my senses, I felt tired. Needing coffee. I couldn’t help but yawn. But I saw a few mints and grabbed them and threw them into my mouth.

After swallowing those mints I immediately felt a bit more energized. I felt awake now. I notice I am in some sort of cell. It is fully enclosed in glass. But I keep trying to activate my powers. It doesn’t seem to work. I look across from me.

The people I had saved from the island were also in those cells. i overhear guards saying that we were marooned on Gamma Island the second time. Well, for me that is.

The guard opened the gate. “You are coming with me.”

The guard pushed me. I wanted to do something, like throw a punch or two, but I felt too tired to care. The guard and I walked towards a target practice to my surprise. 

The guard spoke through the loudspeaker of the room. “Knock those targets down. Once you knock down fifty, we’ll give you coffee and breakfast.”

So I do. It took no time at all to knock down the targets. They were just too easy. I try to feel the fire in my hands, but I couldn’t after I knocked down fifty.

The guard comes in. “Let’s go.”

“Why are you making me do this?” I ask.

The guard doesn’t respond. All he does is lock me in my cell. He goes away, most likely to get my breakfast. 

A tray is slid under the cell. For a prisoner’s breakfast, it wasn’t so bad. Scrambled eggs with bacon, a cappuccino, and some pineapple. Of course it had to be pineapple.

My other friends also appeared to do “training” and get very valuable breakfasts too. But why? 

I don’t seem to understand anything right now. Why we’re here, where we are, it just seems mysterious.

Chapter 5

Chapter 4

Honolulu, HI

The boredom that has set over me is unreal. There is no escape to the monster that is boredom.

The only thing that I can seem to do is just play video games, watch Netflix, or just get more tan at the beach. I decide to just play more video games. I get in my couch and turn on the TV.

I go ahead on just play “Game of Phones” for a while. I turn it on and the loading screen appears.

As I was waiting, I hear the wood flooring kind of make a sound. I jump. I look around the area of my house where there’s wood. But then I feel it. I yell for a short time, but I fall unconscious. Before I fall, I see a man in a suit with a taser in his hands. I feel the tingling shock before me and black out.

?????, California

Tim went back to his office to practice his transmutation abilities with pencils. He turned his hand into water and transformed his hand to surround the pencil. It soon turns to water.

Now, the hard part, he said to himself.

The water that was the pencil was now in the bucket. He used his transformed hand to grab the water and thought of the pencil. It slowly transformed into the pencil. Tim sighed in relief. Now on towards bigger objects.

He grabbed the extra desk that the boss had given him. He transformed his whole body into a water puddle, and surrounded the desk. It took a minute or two, but he was able to get it all water. It was like a pool now. Now he went to grab a soda. He was so tired.

He came back and transformed back into water. He surrounded the pool of water and after another few minutes, it worked. He pumped his fist.

Chapter 4

Chapter 3

?????, California

Tim stepped out of the car and headed towards the building. Jennings met him at the reception desk.

Jennings stopped. “Here, let’s go to the meeting room to talk about what we do next.”

Tim rushed into the empty room. Jennings followed him slowly.

Jennings grabbed a dry-erase marker. “So our next task is to send the nuclear bomb into the tracker we placed in the San Andreas Fault. But we have to steal it. So you will have to transform into water and take it out of sight. You’ve practiced turning other things into water and making them back to regular, right?”

Tim bit his lip. “Yeah, I’m practicing.” He knew that his practice was failing. He could turn things into water, but couldn’t put them back to normal. He muttered, “It’s going really well.”

“You are going to heist into one of the army’s bases, take one of the bombs, get out from the emergency exit, and some of our trained shooters will create a distraction for you, which should buy you enough time.” 

Tim’s pulse felt like it froze. He couldn’t pull this off, could he? But if he didn’t, it would cost him his job and his valuable reward if he succeeded. 

Jennings walked towards the door. “Well, meet you at the copter in a week. You’ll have seven more days to practice. And boss told me to try bigger scale objects. Good luck.”

“Thanks,” Tim replied. Relief swept over him. There was still tons of time to finish his training.

Chapter 3

Chapter 2

Honolulu, HI

I never expect myself to do an everyday job nowadays. Now that I have powers, it just seems boring. So I don’t. It’s bad enough anyway that now I am completely tanned from the islands I’ve had to be on. So let’s just stay in my house, play video games, well, at least until my tan goes out. Let’s just say that will take a while.

There’s no point in going back to California. My old bosses think I’m dead, and I don’t care if they think I’m dead. They probably hope I’m dead, ’cause that’s less money they have to pay their employees.

My friends have their families to lean on. Me, well, the only family that’s alive right now is me. Both my parents died of cancer, my aunt died in a car crash and my uncle died of substance abuse. I was the only child of the family, and I’m the only one left.

Since then, I’ve relied on video games and my works to calm me from these losses. They seemed to help me pull away from my feelings of sorrow, and it seems it’s pulled me far enough to not feel a thing. Sorrow can’t chase me anymore. 

Though it’s made me weak. Without these distractions around, I just seem to fall apart sometimes. It just tells me that I’ve avoided sorrow for way too long now. But I have to hold it in. Like I always have. Being strong. It’s what I have to be.

Chapter 2