Chapter 2

After about five minutes realizing I’ve been on the island, I’ve been stopped. Fantastic.

“What are you doing here?”

“My ship got wrecked and I got here after floating unconsciously for who knows how long!” I responded with force. If this person was going to, like, hurt me, I better show him I’m tough.

“Oh. Same here. Sorry.”

The person hiding popped out of the bush. He had dark hair and wore a sweatshirt, shorts, and sandals. He was also a bit shorter than me. Looked in the twenties if I say so myself.

“Call me Tim,” he said.

“Okay, Tim. I am Ryan,” I replied. I put out my hand to shake hands. “Nice to meet you.”

“I’ve found myself a pretty nice area to chill. Want to see where it is?” Tim asked, as he was shaking my hand.

“Let’s go.”

I keeping my head in a swivel from the start of that walk. Boy, did I surprise myself a few times. Tim and I were walking when I felt a ropey-like thing on my feet. I yelped, thinking it was a snake.

“Yo, calm down, that is a tripwire, not a snake.”

“Why is it so long then?!”

“What? I have only rope in my bag. You expect me to bring, like, wire to Hawaii?”


After a few more jump-scares and fake-snakes, we arrived at Tim’s “place.” The land was flat, with short grass and soft dirt. I unpacked my sleeping bag and laid it down next to Tim’s sleeping bag. I pulled out everything in my backpack and found a useful item: tape. It didn’t get soaked because I accidentally put it in my food bag. Speaking of food, I was famished. Tim’s place had some pineapple trees. With Tim’s pocket knife, we ate pineapple for our meal.

“How long have you been on this island?”

“About a day already. What about you, Ryan?”

“About an hour.”

“So I’m assuming you rode a cruise liner to Hawaii like me and the then the shot, right?”


Tim’s face grimaced with confusion.

“I was unconscious riding my way to the island. The shooter knocked me out and I floated my way here.”

“I was one of those guys who jumped off the boat to survive. I swam my way until I found this island. My phone was waterproof, and thank god it was, but I received cellular and then my GPS app couldn’t track me. I tried everything and ended up wasting battery and data.”

“That’s strange. They both operate on satellites.”

“I knew that, too. I just don’t get it.”

We finished the pineapple and watched the sunset as nighttime beckoned. My first day of being on the island was over.

Chapter 2

Island: A Novel: Chapter 1

I am never going on a boat again.

Okay, let me back up here. So I was going on vacation to one of the islands in Hawaii. Turns out, all the plane flights there were all booked for the summer, so now I had to take a boat. I had to pay, like what, 300 extra, but I’ve got to do what I got to. So I packed and we left from San Francisco. This is all fine with me, and I like the room that I got, but all of a sudden it happens.

A gunshot.

Everyone hears the pistol on the cruise ship, and every body screams, runs for their lives, some even jump off the ship to avoid dying. Unfortunately, our shooter also machine gunned the bottom of the cruise liner, making it bound for sinking. In all of this, I ran out side to the upper deck, and I run dead on with the shooter.

Just my luck.

He uses the gun like it’s a sword and whacks me in the head. I get knocked out cold. And only a day later, I wake up somewhere completely different from Hawaii.

I don’t know where I am. I check my backpack for my stuff. My phone is fizzled out, my sleeping bag soaked. My food, luckily, stayed intact throughout my “ride.” The water bottle also is still there. The sun is in its peak position, right above me. I am wearing a dried up shirt, sweatpants, and those Nike sneakers every adult has these days.

I am covered with sand. The wind blows some sand off of me, but mostly, I have to brush myself off of the sand. After I muster the strength to stand, I realize I am marooned on an island.

Behind me I see endless ocean. To the left and right of me is endless sand, and ahead of me a gigantic forest. I walk towards the forest filled with trees. I walk very slowly, just to watch out for any animals that could jump-scare me. Then I hear a rustling. I tiptoe quietly, praying silently, hoping that no one is there.


Well, I’ve been made. Great. Just great.




Island: A Novel: Chapter 1

Skipping Grades in School

You know, it’s kind of weird and exhausting skipping a grade in math. Since I’m an eighth grader, I have to walk the 500 meters or so to my class. My math class, after all is in the high school. But as it may seem, there are different benefits and disadvantages of skipping a grade in subjects, whatever the subject.

First, I definitely see skipping a grade as being set to your own pace. I feel great when I move on up because I don’t have to be held back. I can actually learn in class rather than just being bored and just sitting around for thirty minutes just because I finished my work already. Although communication is difficult, I like the challenge that comes with skipping a grade in math(well, technically, I skipped two in math, but whatever). It is definitely engaging working with people who are actually at the same level as you are.

Even though there are the definite benefits, there have been some downsides for me as for skipping grades, like the communication. Due to the schedule differences between the middle school and the high school, it’s hard to know if there’s been a schedule change or not. So, the one time this year, I showed up literally 20 minutes early to class, and I had to wait at the door awkwardly hoping no other high schooler would notice me awkwardly. Speaking of awkward, that is another problem of skipping grades: the fact that you don’t know most of the kids there. For one thing, I don’t really socialize in class because I have no reason to socialize. The only time I socialize is when we’re talking about a math problem, which is usually OK, because we talk with partners, so fine, but still. I would really like being in an online class where I would communicate on screen.

It’s definitely a life-changing experience to skip grades, but there are definite advantages and setbacks of skipping grades. For one thing, I wish more schools would support skipping grades more to encourage actually trying in school. My school is getting to a point where in my grade, most of the smarter kids don’t really have to study to get 100’s on tests. I would recommend skipping grades in subjects rather than going full just to keep friends around, you know.

Skipping Grades in School

The Catchy Tunes of Pop Music

In previous generations in American music, genres like jazz, rock, and hip-hop have dominated sales and created huge fanbases for the genres. Today’s generation of music is the pop genre. But what is pop and how has it grown to today’s music phenomenon?

Mainly, pop music today has a recurring refrain, or repeated groups of lines. Verses usually differ from each other and separate the refrains. Pop also has upbeat drum beats and a melody easy to remember and hard to forget. One of the reasons why it has grown to be very popular is the fact that the lyrics repeat over and over again.

So how has this repetitive tune got in our brains and stay there? Well, the lyrics repeating over and over again is easier to remember than some other songs, and in a world where everything has to be easier, this is a popular theme. The brain learns the song more and more as the song goes on, and if you didn’t stick around to see the song title, then you might know the song before you know its name. Songwriters have been using this technique to get you to buy the song fairly quickly, resulting in huge sales near the first week the albums have been released.

To conclude, pop music is a scientifically and psychologically proven to be a genre that has created huge hits these days and why other genres are starting to fall behind of pop. Using repetition and the right melody, you can create a great pop song.

The Catchy Tunes of Pop Music


In today’s world, humanity is growing and our knowledge is expanding about different topics. One thing that has definitely expanded is the knowledge of many cultures other than the ones we are in today.

There are many different cultures in today’s world, but what do we define as a culture? A culture is a way of living with different traits to establish the differences between each culture. A culture might be like the way of living in the USA, or living like someone in England. The two cultures are different, whether in the food they eat, or their accents or dialects of languages.

Usually cultures will never be identical. One trait will always separate them, and it’s usually government. It’s usually one of many differences between cultures though. It is usually the reason why our world is one of the best worlds to live in today, because of diversity. There may be violence everywhere, but our cultures unite us with many other people making it great socially too.

To conclude, cultures are a way of living. Most cultures one thing that sets them apart: government. Differences help us become more open-minded in the world. So appreciate differences while you can. It’s good for everyone to be unique.



A world without thought is pretty dull. It was sure to happen, as animals came, with intelligence, but when humans came, thinking exploded. Some were thinking about food, resources, and survival. But others tried to ask the bigger questions, and that’s when philosophy started.

Philosophy is a broad subject, with lots of different branches  where conflicts exist, but mainly is about the study of thoughts that humans haave. There are many different ways to go for philosophy. You could join an argument of whether God, a god, or gods exist, or question your identity. Maybe even our thoughts about why we think this is “inappropriate” to people. The point is that philosophy is a big topic and a lot of controversy is put in different questions.

What real-life benefits does philosophy teach you in real life? This big topic helps to get to know you and your thinking. It might even help you think better. for one thing, analyzing thoughts help you understand more perspectives and helsp you become a better debater through arguments and counterarguments.

Philosophy is a subject, like many others, that is not complete, which is a beauty rather than a weakness. We use one of our greatest mindsets ever: the power to communicate. It is truly a topic of deep though and controversy.



Sometimes, in just the moment of moments, you feel as if there’s nothing in the world that can entertain you. Humanity has experienced this many times, and is called boredom. But what causes boredom and how does it affect our lives?

When we feel bored, it’s usually because of repeats of an action over and over again. When something new comes, it’s amazing. But when it comes again and again, it starts to become boring and the action is bored out. Usually schedules are main culprits of boredom. When doing something over and over at the same time over and over, it pains us like some unending torture, boring the brain out of its mind.

How does boredom affect us? Well, trends are made and seized off of boredom. The new trend is exciting to us because it is new, but then it gets old. Like how everybody loved those fidget spinners in 2017, and now nobody really has those around these days. It’s like fidget spinners have become cliche. This goes for everything from dance moves, games, TV shows, music-the next trend will fall, so long live the trend.

To conclude, boredom is a feeling caused by repetitive actions and is the reason why trends die so easily. Maybe not the best idea to have bought that $10 fidget spinner, huh? Well, I guess it was fun for a while.